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    Okay, so... Here's some random stuff I felt like writing down.<br />
    <br />
    Name's Tobi.<br />
    ~*~<br />
    I spend way too much time reading. That's the first thing on my list. I absolutely love to read (after all, you can go to crazy places as many times as you want for a cheaper price than a plane ticket. Le awesome.)<br />
    ~*~ <br />
    Second, I'm a WoW addict, plain and simple. Gaia's great, but I do love to kill naga and worgs as much as (maybe even more) the next geek. <br />
    ~*~<br />
    I am not terribly mature, most days. My brain is at odds with my body, since I'm growing up but don't want to.<br />
    ~*~<br />
    Four, I'm an artist. I love to draw, sketch, paint, craft, sculpt and a hundred other things. And if I say so myself, I'm good.<br />
    ~*~<br />
    Five, I like hats. Hats are my favorite things in the world, aside from my rabbits and manga.<br />
    ~*~<br />
    I do like people (sometimes), but I'm partial to the weirdos and my fellow geeks and gamers.
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