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    Things u might want to know about me:<br />
    Ok so i am blonde (yus!!!!)<br />
    I can be like extremely CRAZY at times rofl rofl <br />
    I like doing random things O.O;; mrgreen <br />
    I LIKE PONIES!!!! xd <br />
    I like weird interseting cool people (it is ok to be weird :3 )<br />
    I like to attempt handstands and gymsnatic things(to bad i don't do gynastics xd )<br />
    I like to play basketball and softball the most WOOT!!!!<br />
    FOOTBALLis something i know nothing about!!! wink sweatdrop <br />
    I like to spin around in circles till i fall on the couch and te room seems to be alive (( o.O;; )) and wont stop spinning rofl rofl (ahhhhh!!!!11one)<br />
    I like going to the mall with my friends wink and meet hott guys( WOOT!!! )<br />
    I am curently singal and want a guy who doesn't mind being themselves mrgreen <br />
    I have never done drugs (but have gottong sugar drunk many times xd )<br />
    I love PAR-TAYS!!<br />
    And i like you, only as a friend though!! (only cuz i don't know u yet biggrin )
    <br />
    <br />
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