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  • Artist Info: Ello, the name is Ferbreez_ninja but pwease, just call me Lillium :3<br />
    I'm a hyper, random, eccentric chick hoping to have some fun ;D (Hee hee.... Not that way XD)<br />
    I do loads of avi art so if you guys want any then just pm me, to the right side is stuff done by me, to the bottom or the left is stuff given to me by other people and no I will not put my closest friend's up... I mean what if I forget one?! D:<br />
    I like pretty much all music and will listen to absolutely anything, what else to put....<br />
    Uhh.... I can be a little violent sometimes, for instance my Pop was outside gardening when he ran in showing me a dead mole he just caught so I started crying and kicked him really hard ^ ^;<br />
    So maybe that hints in that I really like animals :3 EXCEPT my evil fat cat Rose Bud D:< I effin hate that cat<br />
    Want to know anymore?<br />
    Just PM me ok?<br />
    Love ya ^ ^
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