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  • Artist Info: I am a pirate...sometimes a werewolf...I love anime, especially One Piece.<br />
    I'm a teenager, and tend to be moody...sometimes. xd <br />
    I love animals, especially tigers, wolves, felines and canines in general. <br />
    I'm always questing for something, and I do accept (and give) donations.<br />
    I'm a true-to-the-end friend, and will be there for mine whenever they need me. <br />
    I am also an agent of revenge and chaos...I will have both, no matter what. 4laugh <br />
    I'm a huge supporter of the military, particularly the Marines. My dad was one, and a few of my friends will be ones soon. <br />
    Also, I am a HUGE fan of Scrubs...(best show EVER!) blaugh <br />
    When you ask about Fire Emblem characters...My favorite is Roy. 4laugh <br />
    Overall, I'm open to new ideas, and I like making new friends. Even if it seems like I don't like you, that's not the case. I always like people before I hate them. smile <br />
    Stay in school, eat your vegetables, don't do drugs...Oh, who am I kidding? I'm not your mother! Enjoy life! Get a good piece while you still can!
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