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  • Artist Info: The name's Ixia Moonheart.<br />
    Though my rl name is Mary Elise. &lt;.&lt;;<br />
    I live in Texas. <br />
    No I don't usually say "ya'll" but I will on occasion.<br />
    My friends from out of state are surprised I don't have an accent.<br />
    That's because my blood is actually from Louisiana. :3<br />
    I love where I live.<br />
    My birthday is in May. ^^<br />
    I'm older than I act, but I'm younger than I look....XD!<br />
    I can sword fight, though I'm not as good as my older brother.<br />
    I've been promoted from being just 'camera woman' to 'MEDIC!'. *laughs*<br />
    I dislike the sight of blood....but I'm learning to deal with it so I can be helpful to people.<br />
    I'm short...we'll leave it at that.<br />
    My eyes are caramel brown...or 'hot fudge sundae' as my mom likes to call them.<br />
    My hair is nearly to my knees, no I will not cut it even if you want to give me a make-over.<br />
    Yes, "I am a tree" (inside joke).<br />
    I know a little bit of Spanish and I'm self-teaching myself Japanese.<br />
    I dislike make up except whenever going out somewhere 'nice', dance recitals/showcases, theatre performances, or for colorguard.<br />
    Yes I am in the marching band.<br />
    I play flute, piccolo, alto-saxophone, piano, and as I stated earlier, I'm on the colorguard.<br />
    I love to draw.<br />
    My favorite book well...too many to actually say.<br />
    KH = love.<br />
    I do fangirl....I can't help it. crying '<br />
    I grew up watching StarWars, A-Team, Star Trek, Wishbone, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Sonic (the original one), Disney Movies, Digimon, and a few other shows.<br />
    I have 5 older siblings, yes I am the youngest.<br />
    I love my parents very much and I hope I never disappoint them.<br />
    I'm the proud God-Sister of my Band Director's daughter. :3<br />
    I'm single but-<br />
    my heart was stolen by a guy in Disney World and I hope to find him one day.<br />
    I tend to rant. ^^;<br />
    Smiles are awesome. o: :3 83 O_o o.o ._. .-_-.' And alot more.<br />
    I'm a fan of many animes and music artists, I pretty much live off off the two.<br />
    I love roleplaying and it has been the cause of my insanity I assure you. ^^;<br />
    My range of nicknames are many and strange. ^^;;; <br />
    I love video games; KH (all of them), Ico (= &lt;3), Final Fantasy (though I haven't played very many of their games), .Hack (the original games), DDR (bring it on! &gt;3!! ), Harvest Moon, Sims games, uuuhh....and a lot more. ^^;<br />
    <br />
    I love animals: cats (especially kittens), dogs, birds, fish, and everything in-between. <br />
    <br />
    My favorite pets...would have to be my cats Kyo and Alice, my four hermit crabs Ed, Colonel Mustang, Alphonse, and Nina. My puppy Nessie. I love my many other dogs and cats as well. *too many to name*<br />
    <br />
    I enjoy making music videos in my spare time, and just recently it has become a side job that I actually get paid for...yay~. <br />
    I love cosplay and prefer trying to make my own cosplays, I collect wigs...(why? for the love of cosplaying that's why! D: ). <br />
    I have crazy dreams, big plans, and I give everyday my all. <br />
    I love my family with every part of my heart, and even my 'extended/adopted' family that I have attained through not only Gaia, myspace, conventions, rping..and so many other places, and I love that family as much as my blood related family. <br />
    <br />
    I don't go for looks, I want someone who has a real personality and who I can talk to, I'd like a guy who's willing to try to understand me, and hey...if they like anime and cosplaying all the greater. xD <br />
    I'm usually really happy and I try to make friends with everyone I meet, I don't like when people are angry with me because I do take things to heart. <br />
    I don't hate anyone, I'm not racist (or at least I try extremely hard to not be, no one's perfect neh...), and I don't have qualms with people just because of their relationship type. I love all people in general, and unless you specifically insult me or curse me out for no reason. .-. I don't have a problem with you. ^^ <br />
    <br />
    That's all so far neh? *smiles* Hope we can rp together sometime!
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