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    Hey what's up? I'm Courtney. I'm 19 years old. I live in a small town which I will never tell. Anyway, I hate doing about me sections but i'll do it anyway. These are all random facts about me so here we go. I like to kneeboard. I tend to read a ton of manga. Fanfictions are part of my daily routine. I have amazing friends! I am boy crazy to a very high level. Music is what I call my anti-drug. I hate when people judge others before they know the person. DRAMA SUCKS! Backstabbers really need to get lifes. Boys can be a pain sometimes. I'm blinded by the smallest things. I heart lolipops and cuppy cakers. I live like there is no tommorow. The Oblongs is the best show on the planet. I love to roleplay when I have time. I think kissing in the rain is romantic. Watching the sun set is peaceful. I wish I could see my great-grandma agian ((R.I.P Grandma!)). I'm shy when I first get to know people. I'm hyper as can be or I'm tired. Thunder tends to keep me calm. Boys Like Girls is the best band ever. I really need to get a real life. School bites for the most part. My avi almost always looks like a noob even though I'm not one. I hate the color pink but I do put it on my avi, I mean pink is okay sometimes. I miss him more then he will ever know. And last but not least I love all the people who have come into my life and made me the person I am today! ^_^ Well, that's it. BYES! P.S. If you read this...then you have no life. XD Just kidding.<br />
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