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  • Artist Info: Hello,my name is Jazmyne.Call me Jelli or Jells cause i like that nickname.I love rainbows,I love books!!!,and i love Anime.It's awesome!!!!I think Gaia is awesome.This is a place where i can meet new people and relate to them.Wicked............I also LOVE the Twilight series!Yes,im a vampire freak.Acually im a mystical creature freak....hehe.I also have random moments somtimes blonde moments and im not proud of them.I cant help it hehe.Im also a Evil Genius.So watch it.....I just started middle school YAY!!<br />
    It's hard cause i have to wake up very early except on late start Thursday.I love it there even though theres alot of projects due....ew....Well if you wanna talk feel free cause im bored as Heck!......and i mean that!I LOVE ANIME!!!!!
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