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    Oh Hi Theeere. heart
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    Muh Name Is Tina, My Age.. Wellll You Gotta Ask. : 0<br />
    I enjoy long walks on the beach.. and eating babies... OH AND, yes I am a troll. So Deal With It.<br />
    I'm a pretty chill person to get along with, soo just hit me up. My profession is making people laugh. If you haven't learned already from my profile video. But uhhh yeah, thats preee much it, c: ilyguise. &lt;3<br />
    Oh, and, Btw, you must click on this Heres what you are. <br />
    ----- .Random Shiz. -----<br />
    B-day:July 20th<br />
    Fav. Colors: Green and Purple<br />
    Status: Single:<br />
    Best Friends:<br />
    Emma <br />
    AJ[hidesinhercloset] <br />
    JazzyPoo<br />
    Mikeyy<br />
    Enna<br />
    EmmyBear<br />
    RayRay<br />
    Luc<br />
    Clyde<br />
    Laffed<br />
    Laura<br />
    Jesse<br />
    Mel<br />
    Hobo Chang&lt;3<br />
    Cristian<br />
    Denise[Hot President that spreads swine flu] <br />
    Quh&lt;3<br />
    Val<br />
    Cookie<br />
    Rabid<br />
    B5 whores that quit gaia: Kiesha, Clare, Twili, Lisa, Afro Man &lt;3<br />
    Person i miss most: Seth &lt;/3 Rip. July 21, 2009
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