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  • Artist Info: Few things to know about me:<br />
    - I am indeed a girl with all my girly parts.<br />
    - I'm in a relationship with my wonderful manly man.<br />
    - Nicknames include Raz, Razie, Slappy, Slapcakes, (you get it..)<br />
    - I use gaia now mostly for rping and making new friends, not into the gaming and such.<br />
    - I'm a college graduate, yay me and my piece of paper~<br />
    - I'm awkward, but I don't bite. Feel free to message me, I'm in a good mood most days. <br />
    <br />
    Me like:<br />
    - I enjoy video games. (Currently own a Wii, 3DS and PS3 along with older consoles)<br />
    - Music. I pretty much listen to everything and a lot of it as well. :3<br />
    - Dogs. I want a dog in the future, they are fluffy and awesome.<br />
    - Cars. I probably know more about cars than people give me credit for,.<br />
    - Anime. I enjoy it as much as I use it as an escape from real life. (just like video games) <br />
    - Being active. I can't sit still. period. Sports are fun, but I've learned I'm not very competitive. My favorite is Skiing whenever I'm around enough snow. (which isn't much T.T)<br />
    <br />
    Me no like:<br />
    - Chick flicks. I don't really enjoy romantic movies. ._.<br />
    - Heat. I hate hot weather as I'm a walking furnace. <br />
    - Vegetables. Ugh, get it out of my face. Maybe I'll eat that potato over there. <br />
    - Being apart of Drama. I don't mind watching it, but I usually disappear during drama. I don't wanna deal with it.<br />
    - public speaking. I'm horrible at it, and just bad at speaking in general.<br />
    - Spiders. I can deal with flies, crickets but no effin' spiders. They die as soon as I see one in my house.<br />
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