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  • Artist Info: Sup homies. jk.. im not a gangster. Im Hannah. Some call me Hanners. Or Hannito. Hannito Burrito. Im insane and silly and like long walks on the beach lol. no. <br />
    My sister is xXTearsoftheWolfXx. Shes crazy too. In fact we've both been diagnosed with Cronic Psyxhoticmiosis Disorder. And PUURROUD OF IT. <br />
    im in the same building as Dr.Phil, teehee. and theres FISHIES on the FRIKIN wall. INsanity. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS idk what some random ***** would wanna know but here are a few things if you're still reading this nonsense. I love different music. I listen to justin bieber, breaking benjamin, rihanna, taylor swift, AFI, aquabats, brad paisley, uncle kracker, and i cant remember how many more. People are surprised when my ipod jumps from "Invisible" by T Swift to "Monster" by Skillet. <br />
    im out of sports for the time being, but i love gymnastics, volleyball, and track(go highjump!). I share my birthday with potheads (yes, take offense you stupid people) and adolf. last year it was also taco tuesday. I love wierd things, like fashion sketches where the model only has on eye. My favorite color is a tie between turquoise and peach.I am definitely not obsessed with the twilight series, my favorite book is The Hunger Games (cant wait for the movie!!), cant pick one favorite movie, but Inception, Super 8, Titanic, Unleashed, and The Hangover are all up there. My favorite animals are kitties and deer. and the plural of moose should be meese. i dont have a facebook. my favorite songs are I hope you dance by patrick thomas on the voice, Dear John and Haunted and White Horse by Taylor Swift, If i Die Young by Band Perry, Hear you me by jimmy eat world, and Never Gonna leave this bed by maroon 5. well thats all im getting bored. Taquitos and sushi my friends.dramallama:<br />
    <br />
    Some things i think you should check out: <br />
    Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins <br />
    DeeFizzy on youtube, hes frikin amazing <br />
    KsicsFaces on youtube, he also frikin amazing <br />
    tosh.0 <br />
    TextNow App(text from ur ipod w/wifi, comes in handy when ur parents keep track of ur messaging count wink <br />
    Demetri Martin(comedian)(awesome)(parentheses) <br />
    Duck Duct Tape. Dont ask just do. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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