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  • Artist Info: <br />
    Name:Caroline but call me Caly...<br />
    Age:13<br />
    b-day: July 2 so prepare your calendar!<br />
    status:Single but ur welcome to change that..xDD<br />
    Best friends For Eva in gaia n in real life:Lori aka iiLittleC0okiez n Jesba aka iCareless-Shiit Dx<br />
    Live:Miami FL but im a proud Latina!!<br />
    i like hangin out whit ma friends,go shopping i love to c movies<br />
    im a computer freak [lmaO!] i LOVE to be in d computer...<br />
    i LOVE eating BUT IM NOT FATTY!!! [lmaO!]<br />
    i Only weight 112 lOl.<br />
    i hate bitchy,hoes,stupid ppl...<br />
    i know to language Spanish n Inglish..xDD<br />
    LEAVE A COMMENT! smile <br />
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