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  • Artist Info: Yo people this is Emily. I am the type of person who doesn't take crap from anyone, so if you try screwing with me, see what happens. I am open minded with people and I speak my mind. So yes, I love insects and spiders and any other creepy crawly. My favorite food is pork Ribs. I love sports and occasionally when i'm bored i'll either listen to music, draw, or write. Math and Art are my favorite subject. Saduko, 500 Rummy, and Chess are the best games ever. Although it doesn't take me long to complete a hard puzze and I usually beat people in chess and rummy. When it comes to my friends i will stick up for them no matter what. They are like family. For people who aren't my friends, I will stick up for them too. I'm not a follower, and i ignore the media; for it is a bunch of crap. Most of the time I think too much and always ask the oddest questions. Most of all, I am the type of person who always has to have proof. Because of that, I don't believe in religion. To me it's away to control people. And for global warming, it's a conspiracy.<br />
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