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    Hi, I am Xx__SillyBunny__Xx<br />
    Im 17 years old. I am a Lyrical tenor, i can go from alto c to baritone for those of you who know what i am talking about.<br />
    I am a artist in the making. I draw from normal avi art to Yaoi or Yiff for those Furries. I need the experience. <br />
    My personal life,,,,, Lets face it i don't have one lol.<br />
    Im a scorpio, and i love music if you havent noticed.<br />
    I dance, Tap dance, contemporary dance. Hell anything thats dance ill try!<br />
    I have my own Fursona his name is Boston Angel, if you see that name in any art thats me(:<br />
    I make friends easily and i am abit shy at first but then i open up. I love roses and other flowers.<br />
    I am a photographer, i have done pieces of myself especially the on previewed here on my Profile.<br />
    I am also a poet at nature, if you want i can make one for you. <br />
    That is about everything <br />
    Thanks for reading<br />
    Sincerly <br />
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