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  • Artist Info: Call me Lex I guess. I tend to do digital 'art' and make my Utaus cover songs. Mostly though, I lurk around and complain about my job.<br />
    Occasionally I like to think that I can be social, but I'm also occasionally delusional.<br />
    Decently easy to get along with, if you can ignore the fits of bipolarity. Lazy for the most part, prone to disappearing acts, often times bitter and critical. But I do so like to be honest.<br />
    I have a very hard time taking compliments, so I'm more likely to respond to criticism. There's a difference in criticism and prickishness though.<br />
    I like certain animes and just about any NIS game. The Myst/Riven series and King's Field are my gamely cult obsessions. I'm fascinated by the act of making music, but can't sing worth a crap. I have a kitty I adopted and I adore the crap out of him.<br />
    No, I will probably not be back for awhile. I frequent Youtube and DeviantArt more often, under the name 'Teh-Lexsiah' or a variation. Go there for any random interests you may want to settle.<br />
    All the art on my page is so old it hurts to look at it. &gt;&gt;;
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