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  • Artist Info: Hello<br />
    My name is Katherine.<br />
    You heard that right... Katherine.<br />
    I'm named after my great-grandmother. Catherine acutally.<br />
    But my mom decided on a K at the last minute when my dad wasn't looking.<br />
    My parents are divorced.<br />
    I see the world through dark brown eyes...<br />
    and black glasses.<br />
    They help too.<br />
    I'd be blind as a bat without them..<br />
    which would technically mean I'd use echolocation to see..<br />
    Which might be kinda cool.<br />
    I love hippos.<br />
    My dream life would be to own a few... <br />
    hundred that is.<br />
    I wish I was not myself.<br />
    But I'm glad I'm not some people...<br />
    I'm glad I am a sentient being.<br />
    I'm glad I have to power of reasoning.<br />
    But sometimes...<br />
    I wish I didn't.<br />
    It'd be so much easier to be a mindless animal.<br />
    Or to not exist at all.<br />
    Nonexistence is easy...<br />
    probably because you don't exist to have a hard time...<br />
    But people want me to exist.<br />
    As does God.<br />
    So I do.<br />
    I'll just have to deal with it.<br />
    Are you still reading this?<br />
    That's pretty amazing..<br />
    Because even I find myself boring sometimes...<br />
    Which is why I don't talk to myself.<br />
    Usually, at least. <br />
    But that's it. <br />
    I've bored myself again. <br />
    So I'll stop.<br />
    See ya<br />
    <br />
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