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  • Artist Info: My life is a fantasy. I barely touch the material world that surrounds me; I am living in a dream, created by imagination and wonders beyond your dreams. <br />
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    Zexion and Organization XIII forever.<br />
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    Characters of Naruto<br />
    Favorite:::Orochimaru<br />
    Least favorite:::Sakura<br />
    Crush:::Kabuto<br />
    Favorite girl:::Konan<br />
    Favorite boy:::Orochimaru<br />
    Favorite Kage:::Tsunade <br />
    Favorite villian:::Orochimaru!<br />
    Least Favorite Villian:::Sasori<br />
    Person most like you:::Kabuto<br />
    What you think of Choji:::A little creepy.<br />
    What do you think of Ino:::Blech.<br />
    What do you thik of Sasuke:::HE WILL DIE. NOW.<br />
    What do you think of Lee:::Aww! Lee-chan! *noogies* <br />
    What do you think of Neji:::His eeeyes...they confuse me. <br />
    What do you think of Naruto:::A bit obnoxious.. <br />
    What do think of Oro:::He would be the perfect sensei for me! Go <br />
    evil snakes of uber-DOOM!<br />
    What do you think of Sakura:: razz -R-E-P! MUST DIE!<br />
    What do you think of Hinata:::A little too quiet.<br />
    Ino or Sakura:::Ino, because she can actually fight.<br />
    Kiba or Shikamaru:::Shikamaru, because he is always in such a <br />
    draggy situation.<br />
    Neji or Lee:::Lee-chan! Yay for the curry of life! <br />
    Tenten or Temari:::Temari, because I love the village of the Sand.<br />
    Naruto or Saskue:::Actually...Sasuke. Naruto is just too annoying.<br />
    Gai or Kakashi:::BOTH. Kakashi=walking hotness, <br />
    Gai=walking comedy.<br />
    Hinata or Hanabi:::Hinata, because I really don't like Hanabi. <br />
    Sasuke or Itachi:::Itachi, because killing everyone in your village<br />
    is better than being a brat. <br />
    <br />
    Fighting <br />
    Sharingon or Byakugon:::Sharingan! Go I-T-A-C-H-I!<br />
    Mind or shadow control:::Mind, I guess.<br />
    Fire or Water:::Water.<br />
    Air or Earth:::Air <br />
    Favorite Element:: biggrin arkness<br />
    Summon frog, snake, or snail:::Snakes! <br />
    Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, or Taijutsu:::Taijutsu<br />
    Weapon:::Anything sharp and pointy.<br />
    Chidori or Reasagon:::Chidori.<br />
    Shadow clone or Transformation:::Transformation (I'd transform<br />
    into a log! Poof!) <br />
    <br />
    Couples <br />
    Who should Naruto be with:::Nobody. But, if all else fails, Hinata.<br />
    Sakura:::A tree.<br />
    Sasuke:::Orochimaru!...Just Kidding. Sasuke could be with Ino.<br />
    Ino:::Sasuke.<br />
    Choji:::Chips and Dip<br />
    Shikamaru:::Temari! <br />
    Kiba:::Maybe Hinata.<br />
    Hinata:::Naruto, possibly.<br />
    Shino:::A ladybug. Or TenTen. <br />
    Neji:::Why am I actually saying this...Sakura. MAYBE.<br />
    Lee:::Tenten or, one of my original pairings, Anko. It just seems <br />
    so cute to me.<br />
    Tenten:::Either Shino or Lee. <br />
    Are Ino and Sakura too obbsessed with Sasuke?:...YESYESYES.<br />
    <br />
    Other random questions <br />
    Best Sensei:::Orochimaru-sama!<br />
    Should Sasuke die:::Yes. Death by tree.<br />
    Which girl looks better post-timeskip:::Hinata! Definetly! <br />
    What girl looks worst post-timeskip:Sakura looks weird.<br />
    What guy looks best post-timeskip:::Gaara.<br />
    Which guy looks worst post-timeskip:::Sasuke is way too weird...<br />
    What's the best episode:::When the trio tries to find out WHAT'S<br />
    UNDER KAKASHI'S MASK!?!? <br />
    What's the worst:::Can't say.<br />
    Funniest:::See "Best", above. <br />
    Wierdest:::When Shino cracks up at the table.<br />
    Do Fillers suck:::Some of them.<br />
    Dubs or orginal:::Half and Half.<br />
    Anime or Manga:::Anime. I like to be able to hug the screen <br />
    when Kabuto/Orochimaru pops on.<br />
    Favorite manga chapter:::When Haku died...<br />
    Least:::The deaths of Orochimaru and Deidara...NO WAY! THEY <br />
    Have you seen the movies:::Just one so far.<br />
    Are you a Narutard:::...YES.<br />
    Have you cosplay-ed, if so, as who:::Yah! Kankuro! <br />
    If not, do you want to, and as who:::I want to dress as all of <br />
    them once!<br />
    Do you own any Naruto items:::Too much! <br />
    HAve you read every manga:::Most.<br />
    Have you watched every anime:::Again, most.<br />
    Was this quiz troublesome:::Kinda Tiring, yes.<br />
    Did you understand that "joke":::Hahaha...yes. <br />
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