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    <br />
    &lt;Name?&gt; Jennee Nicole Lee<br />
    &lt;Age?&gt; 15<br />
    &lt;Where?&gt; California<br />
    &lt;Personality?&gt; Sometiems hyper, very outgoing, funny, i have many friends, BLONDE (DEFINATLY 100% BLONDE), flirty, I have girlish charms....<br />
    &lt;Interests?&gt; Soccar, football, texting, talking, writing poems, and being alone (Sometimes. I mostly like to be with people to socialize.)<br />
    &lt;Dislikes?&gt; SLAKERS, girls that try to steal my boyfriend, people that put you down, people who dont laugh, dull people, people who get annoyed easily, moody people, getting too many text messages at once, being stressed out, having alot of pressure put on me, and last, but not least.... I HATE WHORES!!!<br />
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