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    Though I do not share the family name of Eternal I am still apart of it. I'm like a distant family member of sorts. I was directly involved with the family until I stopped cosplaying Kingdom Hearts. The reason simply being that I had been cosplaying from that series for several months and had grown bored of it. I am still close to the family because I am good friends with a great deal of them. My two best 'mates' being Eternal Melody Demyx and Eternal Purpose. I met these two in a past family and the three of us became good friends.<br />
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    Rotten Mundy
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    Recently I have gotten into a game known as Team Fortress 2, I usually do not care for shoot-em-up based games but I was attracted to this game for two reasons. The Medic, and the Sniper. I was wanting to start a new cosplay to signify my return to Gaia after being on hiatus for a few months. So upon discovering this bad ass game I knew quickly who I was to cosplay. My favorite class to be, the Sniper. The name is both slang and the Sniper's actually name (Mundy) the term 'Rotten' in Australian slang means drunk.
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