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    • Humans vs the vamps pt.1 by StrikeFreedomX10
    • in the near future (2015) Vampires or Vamps have been being involved with humans more then now and most couldnt control themselves so the humans made a new kind of military made for taking out vamps soon this lead to an all...
    • Broken Chapter Ten by The Angel Dystopia
    • What you missed. Serenity is certain that she can hear Edan's voice, though he has been dead for 2 months. She decides that she will go off and find him- wether he is dead or alive. CONGRATULATIONS TO BROKEN CHAPTER 6 THAT...
    • Shameless 9 by Syphllis
    • In the many worlds that we manage to live in without knowing there are others, there is a single being that is cursed to live through them all, one tragic life at a time. From abuse to sacrifice, she does suffer it all. She is ...
    • house of fears chp1 by slumdog21
    • high my storys back. and now copyrighted so don't steal it or i'll sue your guts >:(. well this is chapter one! enjoy and check out my other chapters too! comment i want to know what you think! p.s. this is a pretty epic story ...
    • Negaigoto Nejiro by Erriol
    • This is a sneak peak of my story..So, just coment and tell me what u think.. Don't be so mean its my first time. (This isn't the begining.. Its somewhere in the middle..)
    • Dreaming? Or Is It Real? by goldenjellybean23
    • well, here is how i made up this story..... really, i just don't think of what i'm about to write, i just let it go through me. Thats one of the cool things about writing, you don't have to think about it much, you just let it ...
    • WHY by reapers angel16
    • we all ask why in life and we all dont get answers and when we do its not always what we expected..heres a fact of reality..life isnt a fairy tale or a dream come true..its a disaster we never expect
    • Game Over [part one] by Kurozumu_Miku
    • this is a short story inspired by the Vocaloid video ~ Alice Human Sacrifice If you guys wanna see the video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMQmTIp6SRk Part 2: http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=10...
    • Fox story part 3. by -ill push you-
    • after a long silence, with small frogs croaking in the distance you wake up again. after another failed attempt at running, you awake with a slight pain in your stomach. you look down... to find out what happens turn the page a...
    • The Way--Chapter 12 by RiikoxSoushi
    • Chapter 12 my friends. Maybe I'll write chapter 13 just for my own amusment and yours, but at the same time I'm super lazy and too much homework. But maybe I should get drowned into my writing once more...tell me what you think...
    • BLooDY SILHOUEttE Chap. 145 by Mon Amour Antoinette
    • Chapter 145 is a little late = w= Yeah, prom number two wasn't very fun; I realized how many friends I DON'T have lol, everything was awkward with my date (we slow danced for a minute because he put his hands on my shoulders >...
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