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    • MM & FA Part 1 by Reves de Toi
    • Wouldn't let me write whole title: "A Mystery Maiden and a Fallen Angel" character list: Keegan: main char; 22, lives on his own; cooks at diner; takes classes at university; tall, on skinny side; messy mop of brown hair; blue...
    • AKA Wolf ch14 by Hotakka
    • Okie day! chapter 14... I finished this chapter 5 minutes before midnight! I like this chapter, leaves with a slight cliffhanger, no? Enjoy!
    • Side liner by Helplessly_His_forever
    • This story is actualy based on two true stories, Yes as hard as It sounds I wrote this for a friend who went through alot of these things and our common ground is this feeling the feeling of having been a side liner (/emo)
    • Aaron:Laments of the Forgotten by Concave Scream
    • This is the story of a man whom fought for those he cared about. The people scorned him and part of him died. His body survived due to the kindness of the people of a nearby town. Later as he lay dying he met a girl named, Cher...
    • Last Hope by Always Loving U
    • A guy named Nathan has the whole world in his hand but what does he do with it? The only please he can go to is high school to keep his mind off of things. Hope you like it, I will post up the second chapter later on ^^
    • The Phenox man by Avatar_Hunter96
    • A boy Meets A Phenox and becomes a Phenox Man. A good story that i wrote a couple years back its Pretty good if i may say so myself. Part 1 of 3
    • dream by iiEpice 0ne
    • srry if the story sucks its from my dream and i dream pretty dark now it might really suck in the begining but it get better to me any ways:) enjoy
    • The Silent Nights by N_Travers
    • A bit of a vampiric story I've been kind of toying with over the last few weeks between the various roleplays i write in and my fanfiction. Lore is much akin to that of normal vampire myths, except that mine can come out in the...
    • Dead On The Inside (prologue) by ThisIsMyDeathbed_x
    • Story of a boy with a supernatural power... What could it be? All will be revealed soon =) In the prologue, the best friend of Nick Rush (Eva Langford) is coming to the decision to interrogate Nick, and discover his dark se...
    • My boy Sam (not done) by Annabelle Mayruu
    • My words: Bear with me i am sorta in the fiction stories. about the story: My boy Sam is about a boy his name is luis and his father was shipped off to war and his mother always had work. one day a dog roamed onto their f...
    • Never Ending War Pro. PK. ch 3 by Akkere
    • This is Never Ending War Project Peace Keeper chapter 3 This is a tribute to the known animator Shadowleggy. As well as an interesting story. It is a bit shorter then most of the other chapters mainly because it is a small pri...
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