• This is when it all began…
    I was lying in bed doing my physics homework when the phone rang. It was by BF in the whole wide world, Jade. She was calling to update me on the latest and hottest party of the year. I wasn’t planning on going until she mentioned the name Tyriek. Oh My God! Tyriek is the cutest, but most mysterious person in the fifth form. Every girl was after him. Jade said she’d be dropping by to see if I wanted to go. I quickly told her to show up in the next five minutes then hung up. I didn’t even bother to ask my parents, because I knew they would say no. I picked out a party outfit I had put up incase of a fashion emergency then got ready for Jade. As soon as I was almost ready, I set my pillows on my bed in a way that would appear as if I was sleeping and slid out the window. I did not want to wake my parents.
    Jade was waiting in her new, silver Suzuki across the road that shone in the night’s darkness. At that moment I wished I had passed Drivers ED. I ran across the wide road and jumped into the car. Jade sped off and we were going to be at the party in no time.
    As Jade turned at a sharp corner, I could hear music blasting from down the street. We drove up at this big, white house and I knew this had to be the party house.
    Total Shock! Guess who was standing at the doorway with his friends? Duh, of course it had to be Tyriek. Just thinking of his name made me shiver. I stepped out of the car & froze in my steps. Jade knew I had a crush on Tyriek since he spoke to me for the first time in 2nd form. OK maybe it wasn’t a complete conversation but he did at least ask me if I wanted the last slice of fruit cake on a tray. Back to reality. I realized that Tyriek didn’t recognize me but I did see Jade grinning from ear to ear from the corner of my eyes. She gave me a quick shove and I started towards the door. While walking I looked behind me and managed to mouth a ‘thank you’ before turning around to see Tyriek straight ahead of me. As I walked by him I gave a little, but noticeable smile and he winked at me. Can you believe it? Tyriek winked…at me!
    I stood inside and marveled the way the place was wonderfully decorated. It was like a prom…or something similar. I knew Jade saw when Tyriek winked because she was giving me that look that said ‘I can’t believe he noticed you’. I just ignored it. I didn’t usually get invited to these parties, but since Jade started hanging around the popular crowd, she thought it was only fair enough that I be in it too. I’m proud of her for being who she is. Most people who become popular would usually leave their UNpopular friends behind.
    The night was still fresh when a guy walked up to Jade & asked her to dance. She politely went for it, not caring if I needed her company. Soon after, Tyriek walked up to me. I was as stiff as a statue that had just been built when he said with the sweetest voice ‘Would you like to dance?’ I hesitatively accepted and we danced the night away. We talked a little and got to now each other, but then I thought to myself he was the one getting to know me, because I knew everything I needed to know about him from before.
    The night was fun and interesting although I had the feeling that Tyriek didn’t like me as more than a friend.
    The living room wall clock struck 1:00 am and at that time I decided it was time to get home, though at the thought of it I could not find Jade. That is when I began to panic. I thought to myself ‘What am I going to do, how am I going to go home?’ then I jumped out of my panic state and into another when I felt someone touch my arm. My heart jumped. It was Tyriek. He offered to take me home, because he saw Jade leave with his friends. I had been waiting all my life for something like this to happen, but yet i felt like it was kind of wrong. I couldn’t just let the moment pass me by and in addition I had no other choice than to walk and I was definitely not going to walk in those heals that I had on.
    I stepped into Tyriek’s shinny, expensive ‘whatever you call it’ car. I was so comfortable and so caught up by the thought that he could leave his house and go wherever he wanted. I mean it was his car. He took me home while we discussed what excuse we would all use for our physics homework delay and that’s when I realized I did the wrong thing. Jade is my best friend, but I shouldn’t have caught into the peer pressure. Tyriek dropped me off outside my house, gave me a quick squeeze then sped off. At that moment I felt we were going to be very good friends.
    I didn’t want to get into any further trouble so I flew like an eagle towards my bedroom window. I tried pulling it open. Oh No! I could not believe it. I couldn’t get into my own house and my parents were sleeping inside. Right there and then I had a brain storm. I couldn’t break in, I couldn’t knock or shout out or that would wake my parents then I’d be in so much trouble. What was I going to do?
    The night was dark and the wind made the trees dance in the cool night’s breeze. Jason! My brother, Jason, lived a few blocks away from my house and he had an extra key to the house. As the great ides came to me I moved along with them.
    I found my brother at home watching television; he took me back home and tried sneaking me in. I could always count on him. Sure he was an adult, but he was cool and understood me. I was soon inside my pajamas, in bed and ready to go to sleep. I scanned my brain and remembered all that had happened that night and fell deeply into a sleep. I woke up the next morning and went to school. I figured my parents had no idea i snuck out because they didn't seem the bit irritated. At school I asked Jade why she left the party so early and all she could say was 'What party'. I went over the whole incident, but she didn't budge. She thought I was dreaming. Could I have been dreaming?...