• Once upon a time far far away in the black forest a dark force was growing
    it was the black shadow and it is about to mark it 6 sacrafices to arise his master that is supposed to destroy everyone who dared to defy him and his evil rath apon the retched village baron t'was named after the towns mayor's son. But our story here is about a young girl named marry she was a very bright girl, and very very beutiful. But was very very sad her family had been murdered by bandits. And was left with her her aunt and her uncle the last people that were alive in he family to care for her but were'nt nearly pleasant.
    But what she did'nt know was her poor aunt and uncle were marked for the 6 sacrafices for the seance to arise his dark master. But what will happen is she won't be left alive by the "bandits" the darklins will soon find her and kill her.
    But lets hope she would be alive to tell this tale.