• Prologue:
    We all know the classics Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Repunzel, and all the rest. These stories were made in olden times back when literature flourished and people wore puffy pants. These stories are all fine for three to five year olds (and for some adults who are still kids at heart), but not for us, these stories were made with the intention of small kids in mind or where they? Who knows what the original stories were. Sleeping Beauty could have been a slut who slept around, we don’t know the fairy tales that are told to kids are modernized and Walt disneyfied (let’s face it what story hasn’t old man Disney gotten his hands on), but what if the stories we hear today weren’t what the original author intended them to be? What if the stories were changed around because the times couldn’t accept them as they were? In this series of stories we will answer those what if questions, by recreating those stories as they were meant to told. Now what you are about to read may shock and or frighten you, but I think the authors of the originals would have wanted their works to be shared.