• Cold, morose and traumatised; I can't find a happy word in your eyes. You push me away. It's normal to be afraid, but with fear comes frailty, and you are neither normal nor frail. So I wonder why you hold a front. There's no one who would care. We both know that. Yet, to find you without a mask, is rare.

    You intriuge me. It's so nerve racking the way you act. Like a robot. Though, I suppose, if i'd never seen the robot, it would have been less of a spectacle when you finally broke down. I would have passed you by without a second glance, if you'd ever shown me in any form that you were human.

    I suppose I should feel sad, but I feel happy to see the tears. I feel like a child let in on a secret that nobody else knew. I felt excited to know you could break the concrete mask and see a person underneath. It made me want to see more of who you really were. Your tears are not enough.

    You do not weep as a normal person. A sign you are still inside that cinderblock-walled world of yours. I want to know why you're crying. I want to know why you're so agressive and cruel. I want to know who you are.

    Though, I cannot ask you, or I lose the game. You did not think I knew it was a game. You may act careless, but you are meticulous and precise. Acting on impulse is how it is presumed, but I can tell that you have precisely thought out every possible out come and made a plan for every one and the a back-up plan to each, and a back-up to that back-up and another back-up for the back-up's back-up, and so on.

    So you're always twenty steps ahead of the other people playing the game. So you always win, but not this time though. The key to winning this game is to do something that you're not expecting. Something out of character, spontaneous.

    So, the game is to think logically, without using logic. Every word and twitch tooken into account of the score. So if I thought out everything I could do, I would still lose. Surely, it is visible why this frustrates me. So, I have to do womething impulsive, and something that you would never think of. Yet, it has to be something that will help me get to the answer that's raveled in silk, yet blocked by a wall.

    You make it so enticing and simplistic looking. Like anyone can get to the answer, but it's not that easy. I don't know what to do. I know you have though of everything I have thought of. The second we started playing this game, there no longer was impulse. This is just a phase of the game.

    I realize something. You're not crying like a normal person. Sure, it sounds normal, and you look normal, but it's off. You're not normal. So, your tears aren't normal either. So, how can I be sure, that they are even real? I am being pushed into a corner. You know that I am about to lose the game.

    I feel angry. you know my every possible move. It's like cheating. You're cheating. You make it impossible to win this game. The game is impossible to win, without not having the game. So to win the game, it cannot be there, but for the game to dissapear, I would have to win.

    In my frustration, I slap you. You can guess everything i've thought, I know this, yet without voicing, them I had no reason to hurt you. I realise what i've done. I did it on impulse. Your head now turned to the side from the force of the slap, I watch for you to give me my reward for winning. I have won. I get my prive now, because I have won.

    I watch, showing no outer expression, but bouncing up and down inside my mind gleefully awaiting my trophe. I won. I won. I won and you lost. I won!

    As you turn back to me, I cease my internal chanting to recieve my prize. A smirk spreads accross you face and your eyes are as cold and robotic as ever. I realise that I was not on impulse, but instict. I realise, that I have lost.