• In the beginning of time, it has been theorized, thought over, conjugated and thunked over on how exactly the universe, and all matter, life, energy came to be. This story however is not on how the way the world began, but rather on how it could end, if in fact it does in this book, or not depends on the strength of our hero. Funny thing that is, putting the fate of the world in the hand of a single soul, but whether or not we believe it, it happens every day, when that 25-cent gum sale goes on and keeps the economy going, or that baby the politician kisses to impress voters, whether or not you realize it those things matter.
    Our story takes place in the not so far off yet still kind of distant future. In this world, the power is almost perfectly balanced five ways. In the western hemisphere, we have the United States of America. However, it is not the United States we know today. In the 25th century, financial crisis in the Latin Americas caused them to join and form one new country. A dictator took control of Brazil, and united the south Americas in the 24th century. In the 23rd century, Canada and Mexico were annexed into the United States, Mexico became the State of Los Angelos and Canada became known as North Montana. After a series of wars, confrontations, surrenders, humiliations and revolutions, the United States took control of the entire Western Hemisphere.
    The European Union decided the keep the power balanced decided to form together as a single solid nation, known as the European Front. France declined to enter the new union and left the Union and its Front. The two countries battled for years, and in the end France came out a little bigger, taking control of East Europe. The European Front remained in control in Western Europe except for the area where France originally was.
    Militant Union (Former Soviet Union and Russia) seeing the conflicts occurring in Europe and Americas, took the opportunity to spread to Africa and Australia for the warm ports and farmland. Their attempts to get into Asia were thwarted by the Chinese Peoples Republic, which took control of India to Mongolia to Japan and the Philippine Islands.
    When the dust cleared, and everyone saw where the lines were drawn. The only ones happy with the agreements were the politicians. So for the time there was peace. It is important to know this because the Leader of France found from an early age he had a peculiar ability to control people in extraordinary ways. He found he could literally control people without them realizing or being able to stop it. This bought him great power, and with that great power he soon became deluded and corrupted.
    It is in this world two beings were born. Their destiny intertwined with him. His days were numbered; it was just up to them to decide when, where and how.