• Razors, knives, paperclips, staples, tinfoil, aluminum pie tins. You name it, I’ve used it.
    Now your curious what for right? It’s simple.
    Take what all of those have in common, aside from the act that their all made of metal.
    Don’t see it yet? Take a look here.
    Small and slender wrists. Pale skin, criss-crossing marks all the way up until they disappear under the pushed up sleeves of my sweater. Random lines make their way up and hide. I push the sleeves up, only so you can see what you cause me to do. More lines than I’ve bothered counting.
    You gasp and take an involuntary step back words, as I pull off my sweater revealing my tank top and more scars on underneath. Your common sense kicks in and you study the scars to try and deduce how long I’ve been doing this.
    Your eyes lock on a darker scar and tears spring to your eyes as you pick out faded scars and freshly scabbed cuts.
    I giggle at the disturbed yet frightened look on your face. The tears start flowing freely as I laugh at you and your stupidly grotesque mistakes.
    You ask the dumbest question. Why.
    Do you remember your Mother’s 500th birthday party?
    The one when you tried to conjure up a guardian spirit to impress her? So that you could marry my father. You messed up on a syllable, an important one and decided it wasn’t bad. How wrong you were. A portal opened up and tons of creatures, black as day, with no specific shape poured out of the portal. They attacked and eat all of the people they could get their claws on. Many innocent people died that day because of your foolish insolence.
    You and your mother and the rest of the nobles fled, leaving the portal open, even though it would have been a quick few words to close it, and stop the future tragedy from accruing. But you ran, showing that you had no brain or courage, just like any other noble.
    At first the creatures on stayed in the mansion, hiding from the day in pillars or sofas any place that would shield them from the light of the Mourning Moon. They quickly adapted to our planet and started jumping from body to body, feeding the people’s souls who’s bodies they’ve taken over.
    Most people don’t know how to tell if their infected with an Orroron, because the way to has only just been found, and the scientists are worried people will chop each other apart trying to figure out if their neighbors are infected with Orroron or not. A simple cut to see if your blood has changed to a purple-ish color will suffice. For most.
    Now that you know why I do this and why you caused it and why I hate…loathe you, will you listen?
    Listen to the twisted story you created for me?