• The worst thing that happened in school today was my science test. I went over my science notes like a million times but have a feeling I still did horrible on the test.
    I emailed Russell but he hasn’t replied yet. (I think he is mad at me.)
    During fourth period the teacher kept repeating “studying is fun” while the entire class was trying to study for major test coming up this Friday. Every time she said it, all I could think about was how wrong she is! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! She’s cool about giving us time in class to study, but talks and goes on while we’re suppose to be reading SILENTLY. She also says, “If you study you’ll get good grades.” She always says this with a big, fat, stupid smile!
    Getting back to where I started - my science test. Science is a hard subject for me. No matter how much I think I know the stuff, I always do bad on the tests. Anyway, back to my most shinning moment of the day. I was sitting at my desk trying to focus on these really tough questions. I was one of the last people to still be taking the test, so the teacher stepped out in to the hall to talk to another teacher. Suddenly I heard whispers and the sound of paper being crumpled. Distracted, I looked across the room to see two or three boys about to have a ‘Hey let’s throw paper at each other like idiots’ contest. This totally busted my concentration. To make matters worse, the same guys did the exact same thing in my first period class. Two times in one day! Boys are so easily entertained! I couldn’t take it anymore so I stood up in the middle of the contest and just screamed. I mean I really screamed. It was loud and long. The entire room backed away. And there I was, in the middle – standing alone and screaming with my science test clutched in my hands. Mr. Franklin rushed in to the room to see the boys sitting like angels at their desks with me standing there looking like a total freak. I guess Mr. Franklin thought I must have had some sort of break down, so he hit the panic button and called for the school nurse. A few minutes later I found myself being escorted to the nurse’s office by the school nurse, an assistant principal, and one of the school counselors. I’m sure everyone will be talking tomorrow. They’ll be saying things like, “Did you hear how Megan had a total meltdown?”, or “Megan totally freaked out and tried to kill herself yesterday.” I feel sick to my stomach. More later.