• FalseWing and Lone Wolf were running up the stairs as fast as they could, there eyes were set for the top of the tower. It seemed to go on forever, they needed a way to get up there faster. They began to charge up faster, for now about 15 minutes later they could now see the top, it was only feet ahead. When they reached the top of the stairs, there was a door way. Without hesitation the two smashed through the door, and there standing in the middle of the room was Xylus. His hands stuffed into his pockets as he stared out of the window. His eyes gazed on the town in flames, he seemed to be enjoying himself, as civilians were being killed.

    "It's beautiful isn't it? This is what the world will be soon enough, under the control of Knives. This world shall see it's doom, and there is nothing they can do about it." Xylus turned around, his evil eyes staring at the two. "And I'm willing to give you an offer, be my generals! Be the main men of my army and." There was a pause and that's when Xylus snapped. His voice had a pshycotic tone in it. "TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! WE SHALL SLAUGHTER ALL OF THOSE WHO DO NOT DESERVE TO BREATH OUR AIR! WHAT DO YOU SAY!?!?!?!" His face was something that a killer had right before he was going to slice the head off the man he had been sent to kill.

    FalseWing was starting to get pissed, he felt the darkness surging through his body, his breaths grew heavier as the lightning surged from his eyes. Lone Wolf noticed what he was going through, and knew what he had to do. "Never, now tell us where the girls are!" FalseWing calmed down a little when Lone Wolf asked, but the darkness was still pumping through his vains. Xylus looked over at a courner of the room, the girls were sitting there knocked out and naked. "We had some fun with them." Those words sent FalseWing crazy, as he drooled from all the darkness, the wings began to form on his head. FalseWing was transforming back to the evil FalseWing, the one that murdered his own brother and countless others just to get a fight with Lone Wolf.

    "b*****d!" Shouted FalseWing as he charged for Xylus, his hand glowing with lightning. Lone Wolf pulled the blade off of his back and charged as well, holding his massive weapon back getting ready to swing it with more force than a bulldozer! The two attacks clashed on there enemy as it exploded. When the smoke cleared Lone Wolf had the blunt side of his blade blocking FalseWing's attack. Because in Xylus's hands were the girls. A huge grin on his face as he dangled them around like key chains. They were still naked, but awake now and scared out of there mind. FalseWing seeing Amora like that, he flipped the darkness took over his body. Flinging himself back FalseWing went berserk.

    "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Screamed FalseWing as he couldn't take it anymore, the darkness had almost taken control. His anger had released something everybody that thought was gone. The black wings began to form on his wrist and on his legs. Lone Wolf looked over in fear as he remembered the horrific battle the two had when he was in that form. Amora was also in shock to see this evil from that had returned to her love. When the transformation was almost complete, FalseWing looked the way he did before. Lone Wolf didn't know if he should point his blade toward Xylus or FalseWing.

    No matter what Lone Wolf though had to save the girls, and that meant attacking Xylus for now, but if FalseWing got in the way he would easily without hesitation smack him aside to assure the safty of Kimberly and Amora. Lone Wolf began to charge at the man holding the girls, every once in a while his attention would turn towards FalseWing to see what he was doing. Lone Wolf got about 5 feet in front of Xylus and tried to grab the girls so he could get them out of harm, but instead Xylus threw them to the side without hesitation, the girls slamming into the wall hard, the both of them screamed out in pain.

    When Lone Wolf noticed they were out of harms way he knew he could go all out at his enemy up ahead. Swinging his mighty blade back, and slashing at his foe. "DIE!" Lone Wolf's blade went right through what looked like to be Xylus but it was only his white coat. Xylus jumped out of his jacket at the last second. Lone Wolf looked all around to try and find his foe, but what directed him to the location of Xylus was the sinister man's laugh. "Hahahahahahaha" He was sitting down in a chair that sat behind a desk. Xylus was tapping his fingers on the table, as he glared at Lone Wolf. "Casmire, what a great city. And now, the streets are paved with blood. The buildings burn with red, and soon the world will feel our wraith. Casmire is just the beginning."

    "My reign will be the greatest thing this world has ever seen. I will be called a GOD!" Lone Wolf began to laugh when he heard the mans words. He then stabbed his blade into the ground and pointed at FalseWing, who was in the middle of the room trying to deal with the darkness that had taken over him, but inside the old FalseWing was still fighting for control. "He, he is known as a God. A Wing Clan God, and I'm sorry to give you the bad news, they are called Gods for a reason. You see there eyes, it gives them great power and that earns them that title. But you, you are no god. You have no power what so ever, from what I've seen you are just a man with a sword who is really quick. I would beat you down with one hand tied behind my back if we went one on one in a fist to fist fight."

    "Is that a challenge?" Said Xylus as he stood up from his chair, the room began to have a heavy feeling to it. The bigger the mans grin grew, the deeper trouble Lone Wolf realized he was screwed. That's when Xylus moved fast again, so fast that Lone Wolf didn't even have time to blink. Xylus was standing behind him, his hand on Lone Wolf's shoulder. "Do you like it? I call it my flash step, it's what allows me to move faster than a bullet. So, what's wrong? I thought you said you could take me on wi- BAM!" Xylus flew across the room and smashed into the wall, Lone Wolf stood there he had no clue what was going on. His eyes quickly bolted to the side as there stood FalseWing, he was still battling the darkness a bit as you could see from the immense amount of shaking he was doing, but even though he was going through such a struggle he broke the darkness for a moment and helped his friend, that is how Lone Wolf knew he would break through this.

    "Cmon False! You can do it, the darkness is under your control. You just have to break it's hold! Don't let it take control, you are stronger than it! You always have been, you are not your father!" FalseWing gripped his head tight and feel down to his knees, the darkness slowly going away his original from was starting to take back. "Why stop such a marvelous transformation?" Lone Wolf looke behind FalseWing, there stood Xylus a giant grin on his face as he leaned down and said. "Mmmm, it was so nice raping Amora, listening to her scream and cry out your name for help. She screamed like a b***h." FalseWing smashed his head into the ground as he let out a loud yell. Breathing heavily, his body twitching as the darkness started to win again. Lone Wolf wasn't sure if he could break FalseWing back.

    While Xylus was being occupied, Lone Wolf quickly drew his weapon from the ground and charged at Xylus, swinging his blade as soon as he was 5 feet in front of the man. But he easily dodged it with his Flash Step and was yet again standing behind his desk. His glare was stuck on FalseWing, as he just watched the man lay there on the ground struggling with the powers, because any second now the darkness looked like it was going to take complete control and kill off the old FalseWing. That's when a small voice out of the corner of the room said. "Please False....don't become that monster......" Lone Wolf looked over, as Amora was speaking to him. "Nobody wants that......now fly with your beautiful wings."

    When FalseWing heard her words it was like the switch, the darnkess began to retract. "YEAH FALSE! Show who's boss!" Shouted Lone Wolf as he helped FalseWing take control of the darkness. The struggle began to grow more fierce, and Xylus didn't like that, Xylus wanted the darkness to come out for his true plan. He knew that if FalseWing had returned to his dark from, he would agree with his ways, and help Xylus take over the world and become one of his powerful generals, to help lead his army. He had to think of something quick, or he knew that FalseWing would sucome under the words of his friends and turn back into the powerful lightning warrior that was a Wing Clan God.

    Everybody stood there awaiting to see what Transformation that FalseWing would make, would he turn into his dark form, or peruse the goodness and become the good old FalseWing. And everybody's answer was about to be met, as in a blinding flash of light, FalseWing took on a transformation. FalseWing's body could not be seen by the incredible amount of darkness surging around him. Lone Wolf turned away as he couldn't believe his friend had transformed into the Wing Clan Devil. Lone Wolf turned to Xylus; he could see the amount of joy on his face as he knew he won. Lone Wolf had a disappointed look on his face. Amora cried in the corner of the room, as she couldn't bear to see what was happening to him. Just then.

    "Ha! Did you honestly think you could control me Xylus?" In another blinding flash of light, the darkness went away, and the normal FalseWing stood there. "Sorry guys I was just releasing some unwanted energy, but now I'm ready. THE FIGHT BEGINS NOW!" As soon as he finished his words, FalseWing jumped forward, gripping his blade out of the ground and making a full charge for Xylus, He was serious, his sword was surging lightning and False was moving at incredible speeds. Without hesitation, when FalseWing was 2 feet in front of the man, he quickly swung his blade. Xylus pulled out his blade, defending himself against FalseWing's blade. Then quickly repelling himself from the thunderous blade.

    Xylus had a grin on his face, his eyes glaring at the two. "FINE! YOU THINK I NEED YOUR ******** POWERS! I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT TRUE POWER IS!" Xylus held his blade out towards Lone Wolf. "SHOOT! AVION!" When he finished speaking, his blade began to glow. Lone Wolf stared in fear at the blade, as he remembered the video clip that was sent from the B.R.M the glowing of his mighty sword then the camera going fuzzy. Lone Wolf braced himself for what ever attack was going to head his away. Within seconds the blade extended itself and peirced right through Lone Wolf's armor, cutting through his shoulder. FalseWing quickly flew over while the man had his blade extended out. Swinging his blade, Xylus backed away a bit, then contracted the blade and Flash Stepped across the room.

    That's when FalseWing realized how to beat this man. He wasn't as perfect as he though he was. "LONE WOLF! When he extends his blade that is when you attack, he can't use his flash step with his blade extended!" Lone Wolf was breathing heavy from the attack, then he just nodded his head, picking up his Double Edged Scythe and charging at the man. Of course Xylus heard what they said and understood he had to be more careful when it came to attacking with his blade and going out to fight with it. Xylus Flash Stepped behind FalseWing and swung his blade, but False got his blade up in time to block the strike. He turned around and the two began to clash blades back and forth. Down slashes guarded by upper slashes, sparks flashed through out the room from the collision between the two.

    False jetted his blade forward, point of the blade first trying to stab the tip of his sword into Xylus's stomach. Yet he noticed the perie and slid over to the side, the blade of FalseWing's sword only grazed Xylus's coat. Xylus then countered by cutting his sword across FalseWing's bicep. False dropped his blade and gripped his Bicep, in basic instinct. It was a dumb thing to do for now he was open, but False was gripping his arm tight as it continued to bleed. Xylus seized the opportunity to try and strike FalseWing while he was down, but Lone Wolf quickly made his charge and repelled back Xylus's sword with his scythe. Lone Wolf glared at Xylus as he gripped his scythe tight. "I will be your opponent for now."

    Xylus analyzed Lone Wolf and Flash Steped behind Lone Wolf, figuring that he couldn't lift such a huge weapon in time to block his attack. Xylus smashed his blade against Lone Wolf's Armor, but there was no damage done to Lone Wolf, the sword just dug an inch into Lone Wolf's rock armor. "Hehe, nice try." Xylus tried to pull his blade out to get another strike in, but his sword was caught in his armor. Lone Wolf turned around, jerking Xylus who was still gripped onto his sword. Lone Wolf swung his blade around, Xylus let go of the hilt of his sword and jumped back, retreating his weapon behind. Lone Wolf laughed, "What happened to your sword?" Mocking the man.

    Xylus began to Flash Step around the whole room, to confuse Lone Wolf. Stepping to behind his desk, then the door, then the couch, then to the girls, then by FalseWing, then behind Lone Wolf, and then all over again, just jumping around like crazy. Lone Wolf was trying to keep up with Xylus, looking around the room and trying to follow him. Because of FalseWing's eyes he was following the man with ease, but his arm was still damaged. Lone Wolf on the other hand was having some trouble following the speedy Xylus. Lone Wolf started to get frustrated and gripped his blade tight and charged at the desk, smashing this blade through it. "STOP RUNNING!" Lone Wolf had shouted.

    "What's wrong? Can't find me? I'm here." Xylus would pause for a second and step to his left ear. "No here." Then step around some more then go to his right ear. "Nope, now here." Then stepping around to in front of Lone Wolf's face. "Nope now I'm here, dumb a**." Lone Wolf freaked out agian and swung his blade in circles around him, the momentum and shifting around in Lone Wolf's armor so much, caused Xylus's blade to fall out of his armor. Xylus quickly picked it up, and in Lone Wolf's time of confusion, Xylus drove his blade through the confused mans leg. Lone Wolf screamed out in pain, falling down to his knees and gripping the calve of his leg, this pain was the 2nd worse feeling Lone Wolf had ever felt.

    Xylus jumped back and had a grin on his face as he held the blade behind Lone Wolf's head and inches away from his neck. "Die, scum." Pausing for a second, Xylus's blade began to glow white. "Shoot, AVION!" Lone wolf darted his body to the side as the blade smashed trough his armor and into his right arm, Xylus began to laugh as he twisted the blade around while it was in his arm. "hehe," Xylus stopped as he heard Lone Wolf laugh, he wondered why would the man be laughing so much if he just had the blade stabbed into his arm. "Wrong arm jack a**." Lone Wolf gripped the blade with the same arm, and when he tensed the fingers around the blade sparks came out of the wound.

    "What the hell is this!" Xylus said as he tried to pull his blade out of Lone Wolf's arm. "It's called a fake arm! Say hello to top mechanical Robotics prosthetic limbs! NOW FALSE!" The sparking in Lone Wolf's shoulder began to grow more and more rapid. Xylus turned around, and False's eyes were going crazy, that is when Xylus put two and two together and quickly let go of the blade. But he was close enough that the attack would still injure him. A giant bolt of lighting fired from FalseWing's eyes, crashing right into Lone Wolf's arm and Xylus's blade making for a lightning rod, then with a blinding flash the lightning repelled out and smashed right into Xylus's stomach sending him to fly and crash into the other side of the room.

    Lone Wolf strugged but with the help of his Scythe stood up. The fake arm fell to the ground, it twitched around and sparked. FalseWing got up as well and made his way over to Lone Wolf. False stabbed his blade into the ground, then picked up Xylus's blade. "This sword is different, how does he get it to fire like that?" Lone Wolf shrugged his shoulders to FalseWing's question, as he was also curious. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF AVION!" Their eyes quickly darted over to the pile of rubbage that Xylus had created when smashing into the wall and all the contents on the wall. Making his way out of the debris and into the middle of the room, his shirt where the lightning hit was burnt to a crisp, and he had a bloody gash in his stomach.

    FalseWing and Lone Wolf began to laugh as he took the sword and pointed it at Xylus. "Tell your blade to grow, it will only kill you." Right now Lone Wolf and FalseWing were feeling pretty confident, but it was the wrong thing to do. They were underestimating there opponent, and that is something no warrior should ever do. Xylus began to laugh his sadistic laugh, a laugh so loud that even through the chaos that was going on out side, people could hear it, and even if they had a gun to there head, this noise seemed to cause more fear than the gun itself. "HAHAAHAHA!" Xylus glared at them with the biggest grin on his face. "You think my beautiful Avion is done with?" He held his hand out. "EXPLODE! AVION!"

    FalseWing took the blade and threw it in the air as in a sudden wave the blade fired out of it's hilt a rock sized crystal blade. It was shaped like a Diamond, and it was as sharp as a sword at the tip. The rocket propelled crystal, pierced itself right into FalseWing's hip. False shot back and smashed hard onto the ground, the crystal stabbed deep into his hip. Xylus stood there a glee look on his face as he had his sword at hand. "Do you like? I'm sure he is dying for joy over it." Xylus began to laugh again, pointing his blade at Lone Wolf. "SHOOT AVION!" The blade fired out, but Lone Wolf dodged it with ease and charged to Xylus. "You b*****d!" Screaming as he swung his Scythe into the side of Xylus.

    Xylus let the blade stab into his side as he held it in. "You die!" Said Xylus as he spit blood into Lone Wolf's face and quickly retracted his blade, Then pointing the hilt towards Lone Wolf. "Explode, Avion!" The hilt started to glow again, and fired out the crystal. "AH!" Shouted FalseWing, as he chucked his blade, covered in lightning across the room. The blade stabbed into the crystal shard and caused it to break into tiny pieces. Saving his friend of course, but this left FalseWing weapon less and defenseless. All he could do was generate lightning from his hands and eyes. He didn't have enough power to generate a blast at all.

    False Wing figured he was probably finished after a move like that, but kept his hopes high in Lone Wolf's abilities. Lone Wolf's eyes were still on Xylus, as he quickly twisted the blade out of Xylus's side and jumped back. Even though Xylus had such a huge gash in his side, he stood there with a grin on his face and ready to battle. It was almost like the huge bloody hole in the side of his body didn't affect him at all, this man was truly a monster. Xylus turned over and pointed his blade towards Lone Wolf, "I'm still standing! CMON KILL ME!" After that sentence he began to Flash Step around the room again. This time though, where ever he went a trail of blood followed behind, because of the wound.

    Lone Wolf followed the trails of blood; it made it a bit easier for him to follow Xylus's movements. Lone Wolf started to think, Okay, if I can anticipate his movements then I can take him down. He has to be doing a pattern with his movements. Let me follow it, desk, tree, girls, False, back to girls then tree then desk then False. Hm, not much of a plan but I'm sure her is feeling light headed from the loss of blood and can't comprehend beyond his movements. Lone Wolf, gripped his blade as he was getting ready to attack. His eyes still moving around the room at the 4 places he was stepping around.

    Right as Lone Wolf got ready to charge his body collapsed to the ground. His face winced in pain as he looked down and realized his leg was still pouring blood. "Damnit." Lone Wolf felt a warm sensation drip down his face, when he looked up there standing over him with his blade held high up in the air was Xylus. "You lose!" He swung his sword down, Lone Wolf moved his head back. The blade wizzed by his forehead. Lone Wolf tried to move placing the palms of his hand on the ground and pushing forward, but the paralyzing pain in his leg kept him on the ground. Lone Wolf stared up at the man as he walked a few steps forward and holding his blade up in the air, a devilish grin on his face. "Any last words?"

    Lone Wolf glared at him. "Kiss my a**." Xylus laughed a little, "Very noble of you." Holding his blade high up in the air, then releasing all his energy and swinging the blade down fast and hard. "THIS TIME I WON'T MISS!!" Xylus's hand that was gripped to the hilt tight that is why when the attack missed, his hands swng down and smashed into his knees. He began to laugh not looking up assuming he had killed Lone Wolf. "HE IS DEA-" Xylus looked at the end of his blade and noticed it was broken off. "Wh....who broke AVION!!!" He looked over at Lone Wolf, who was still glaring at him, but he had a grin on his face. "Not me dumbass." There was a pause, as Xylus looked over to FalseWing, who had his eyes opened wide and lightning was surging from them. "Bingo jackass, it was me."

    "YOU MORON! I'M GONIG TO SKIN YOU WITH THE HILT OF MY BLADE!" Xylus charged for FalseWing, he was moving a little sluggish from the lose of blood. FalseWing closed with his eyes he was about to do something he never thoug he was going to do in his life time, as then he said to himself. "I have a use for you, so do as I say." When FalseWing opened his eyes, darkness surged through them. Xylus hesitated, when he saw the darkness flowing through his eyes. A few seconds later that's when he regained his composure and changed again. FalseWing grinned as his eyes began to bleed from the unfamiliar energy surging through them. "Die." Those were FalseWing's words as a blot of darkness fired from his eyes and smashed right into Xylus's chest. Sending him across the room and collided into the wall.

    FalseWing's eyes stopped surging darkness and began to flow small currents of lightning again. False was breathing heavy from the unfamiliar energy he had used, reaching his hand up and wipping the blood from under his eyes. "******** that hurt." FalseWing looked around the room, that's when he noticed something. Everything was darker, he could see a bit. But it seemed like he was wearing sun glasses or something of the sort. "Oh god, the Darkness makes you blind....father....Did you have to deal with this?" FalseWing said to himself as he looked at the blood in his hand. The light returned a bit the more one the lightning surged through them. But now FalseWing knew what he had to sacrifice if he was to use that power again.

    "What the ******** was that!" FalseWing looked across the room in fear as Xylus stood up and walked out of the smoke. "And here I thought you had used up all of your Dark Powers. But it seems you were holding out on me!" Xylus said as he tore off a bit of his pants that had seemed to be caught on fire from black fire. FalseWing stood up and walked towards Xylus. The two had no weapons in there hands; it was just a fist to fist fight. Xylus had a grin on his face, and FalseWing had the same. When Xylus felt he was close enough he charged, and Flash Stepped behind FalseWing. But FalseWing noted the obvious attack and quickly swung himself around and threw a punch. Xylus dodged and threw his counter punch back, the two punching and kicking back and forth at one another.

    That's when Xylus tried the Flash Step again, but miscalculated and stepped over to the broken desk. FalseWing grinned, "Getting a little light headed from the loss of blood?" FalseWing grinned as he charged again, he didn't have enough power to surge lightning through his fists, so he just threw a regular punch. As it smacked Xylus in the face, by the way they moved you could tell they were beginning to get very tired. Lone Wolf sat back and watched the two battle, his leg was still injuryed so for now all he could do was give his support to FalseWing.

    Xylus tried to do a Flash Step again, but this time he transported over to the area that the small thing of black fire was still burning. That's when FalseWing knew he had to use the eyes again. "Father, give me the strength I need." FalseWing then closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Xylus noticed that FalseWing had dropped his guard, and took the opportunity to bring the fight into his favor. Xylus walked over to his broken blade on the ground, and charged. FalseWing was unaware of what was going on, he was trying to tap into the inner darkness again, so he may use his Father's Eyes.

    Xylus flung the blade and as soon as it was going to pierce into FalseWing's stomach, FalseWing opened his eyes, the blood yet again dripped from his eyes. And the Darkness surged larger than ever, and without hesitation. FalseWing fired the bolt of black fire right into Xylus's face. Xylus hit the ground and gripped his head rolling around on the ground as the darkness engulfed his skull. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Screamed Xylus, he couldn't handle the pain, smashing his head against the ground over and over again. Blood splattered all over the ground, till finally he stopped moving. Xylus's body just laid there motionless, as the dark fire continued to engulf his head, and slowly moving down his body.

    FalseWing feel to the ground as he reached his hands up...but he couldn't see them. FalseWing wipped the blood from his eyes but nothing changed. The world was in complete and total darkness for him, but he knew what the consequences were for using such a power. Lone Wolf looked over at FalseWing and wondered why he wasn't moving much. Why nothing was happening. "False? You okay bro?" FalseWing looked a complete and total different direction, and answered. "Yeah everything is fine...I.....I'm just having trouble seeing.........." Lone Wolf could tell what had happened, and understood he probably didn't want Amora to know yet.

    "I....I...am......NOT ........dead!" Lone Wolf looked over as Xylus stood there, his body covered in Black Fire. In his hand was the hilt of his sword as he slowly made his way over to FalseWing. "Wolf? What's going on?" Xylus started to laugh as he held his blade up high getting ready to strike down FalseWing. "You......die........." Xylus fell to the ground; he couldn't support himself anymore or take the pain. Xylus was dead, his lifeless body burning into the ground.

    FalseWing shifted his head around the room, almost like he was looking around. "Wolf...Help me please..." He didn't like to accept the fact that he was now injured beyond all repair. His eyes, the thing that the Wing Clan was known for, were destroyed. His vision was gone, he could no longer see the people he loved, he could no longer see the morning sun rising in his room, and he could no longer see the blue sky which he had loved so much. With what ever strength he had left, Lone wolf stood up and made his way over to FalseWing, sitting down next to his friend. Putting his hand on his friends shoulder, "I'm here; you don't need to worry anymore." Lone Wolf said as he rubbed his friends shoulder with one hand to comfort him, and with his other reaching his hand up and removing his mask.

    Tears streamed down Lone Wolf's eyes, as he was still in shock from the battle that had just happened. FalseWing reached his hand up, “don’t cry, we won. No matter what sacrifices had to be made, we won.” Lone Wolf looking over and reaching his hand out to grab FalseWing’s hand. “But that sacrifice was your eyes, what your powers are. I should have been able to fight but I was too caught in my own pain. I’m sorry I wasn’t there faster bro……..I’m so sorry..” Lone Wolf began to cry a bit more, he was truly hurt by his friends now disability. “We will get Kin to make you something to help see, he fixed my arm. Maybe he can fix you eyes.”

    “Something like that would take a lot of money and extensive work.” Lone Wolf looked behind him, and there stood Kin. He was in his human form and covered in blood, slowly making his way over to FalseWing and Lone Wolf. He turned and faced towards them, he was fixed on FalseWing’s eyes. “God, how did you do this to yourself…..” Lone Wolf looked over at Kin, “is there anything you can do?” Kin looked away; it was an expression that anybody would know all too well. “Why is everybody so silent?” FalseWing asked as he opened his new blind eyes. His eyes looked normal, they were still the same demon look, but you could tell there was a dull fade in his eyes. FalseWing moved his hands up and placed him over his eyes. It was silent for a few seconds, and then FalseWing began to cry. “I’m sorry Father….I’m no longer a Wing Clan God.”

    Lone Wolf laughed as he stood up. “Now you are a Wing Clan Mortal.” FalseWing laughed a little, and reached his hand up. “Give me a hand, I can walk but I can’t see.” Lone Wolf looked over at Kin, indicating to help him out. Lone Wolf ran over to the girls, they were out cold still, probably exhausted from what those guys had done to them, along with watching the fight. Kin helped up FalseWing and walked them over to the girls. “How are they?” Lone Wolf looked over, “Just a little tired a guess from what happened, I will carry them to the house.” Kin grinned, “No need we will take the car. While you guys were fighting out here, I took back control of the town. It wasn’t easy, this Knives group had A LOT of strong generals, and foot soilders. But I was able to take it over, and now I have the remaining Knives members rebuilding the city and working under my control. Haha”

    Kin looked over to the pile of ash that was being burnt by the black fire still, but it was slowly going away. “I think they sensed when he died, because that was when they truly gave up.” Kin said as he moved FalseWing around so he fitted his arm around his shoulder better. “Let’s get out of here, I don’t like the smell.” Said FalseWing as he seemed to be looking around, his eyes shifted back and forth, but he could still see nothing. Lone Wolf grabbed the girls, and began to walk out of the door. FalseWing and Lone Wolf left there weapons behind in the room, they felt no need to carry them anymore since the battle was over. And hopefully them having to fight was over with.

    When the gang reached outside, 4 members of Knives ran up, two of them ran up and grabbed the girls, then two ran up and each one grabbed FalseWing’s arms and led them to the car. “Please take this car, we filled it up with gas and everything.” The whole time the man spoke he kept his eye contact away from Kin, as if; if man even looked at Kin he would be cursed. “If you want I will drive you to your destination!” Kin made his way over and grinned at the man, “that would be lovely.” Everything seemed to be in order; When FalseWing was seated down in the car he felt around for something. Lone Wolf sat in back with him, placing his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry we all are here.”

    FalseWing smiled but within’ seconds that went away. “WE LEFT SILVERWING AT THE HOUSE! Hurry and drive Kin!” Kin rushed over to the car and ripped the man out of the front seat. “I’m taking over.” Kin slammed the door and hit the gas hard, the car screeching as the tires slid against the car. When driving down the road, the city was covered with blood and fire from what happened. But yet, it also had people building, mainly Knives members, for since there owner was gone they had no where to go. Luckily for them, the city of Casmire was a very pleasant and forgiving place, as much as they could help rebuild, nothing they could do though would make up for all the lives that they had taken.

    Within 10 minutes they had reached the house, FalseWing looked over at Lone Wolf. “Can you please check if he is okay.” Lone wolf charged out of the car and into the house, FalseWing tried to follow behind him, running into the door. “What is going on?” Lone Wolf turned on the lights, and he could see that the room was covered in blood; there were a few dead bodies of Knives members along the floor. “Sliver?” It was quite for a while, the further Lone Wolf walked into the house he could hear the sound of a kid crying in the kitchen. “Silver, it’s Uncle Wolfie, is everything okay?” A small voice was heard, “Wolfie? Please help me.” When Lone Wolf walked into the kitchen, he saw the boy in the corner of the room, he the fettle position. “It’s okay all the bad guys are gone- Oh my god.” Mid sentence Silver looked up at Lone Wolf, and to his surprise SilverWing’s eyes were surging lightning. Lone Wolf said to himself, “A god falls and a new one rises.”

    FalseWing walked into the room; even though he was blind his eyes could still pick up the light and feel from a current of electricity. He was able to follow the feeling just like the old days when he had to keep his eyes closed. “What’s going on Wolf, I can sense a very powerful electrical current in the room, is my son okay?” Lone Wolf laughed as he made his way over to FalseWing, SilverWing followed right behind him. “He has your eyes FalseWing, can you feel the power surging from them?” FalseWing could feel it, “Son? How do your eyes feel?” SilverWing was quite for a while, he could tell his fathers eyes had changed. He could tell that something was wrong with his eyes. “They feel fine, it’s kinda tingly. But nothing too out of the ordinary, How are your eyes father?”

    FalseWing stopped, as he reached his hands up and waved them in front of his face. “I bet you can tell because of your eyes, but no son I have no feeling in them. My world is dark, just like my father’s world was. He used the darkness with a risk, and I did as well. Your Grandfather was blind, and now I am as well.” SilverWing ran up to his father and hugged him, “It’s okay dad. I’ll help you out.” Kin walked into the house with the girls under his arms. He placed them down on the couch and threw a blankets over them. They were all kinda getting use to being back home after everything. Every step echoing through that house almost seemed dead.

    Kin made his way back into his room, flicking the lightings on. His room seemed to be fine, they didn't try to take anything out of it. Kin had to fix what he could though on the two injured men. Making his way over to the corner of the room and grabbing prostectic limp. Moving the joints around to see if they worked just fine when done with the expection Kin walked out into the living room. Everybody was silent, Lone Wolf was guiding FalseWing to the couch and set him down next to the girls. "Thank you." FalseWing said, his body throbbed with pain. Lone Wolf's leg was still in pain as well, but there wasn't much he could do, Kin and him had to take care of some things in the house.

    "Hey Wolf." Kin said walking up to him with the limb, he was still moving the joints back and forth to break them in a little. "Take your shirt off." Lone Wolf nodded his head, smacking the armor on his chest and placing his hand on the table. Just like the fight with Kenpachi, the armor molded it'self to the table, he then removed his shirt. Revealing where the arm broke of at, "sorry about that man." Kin laughed a bit and nodded, taking off the broken limb, then jacking in the Prostetic limb. Lone Wolf winced a litttle in pain as it connected all the nerves and it gave out the electrical flow to his body. When it stopped, Lone Wolf began to move his arm around.

    "How is everything?" Kin said as he pulled a pencil out of his pocket and did some measurements with it. "It's fine Kin." Lone Wolf grabbed him and pulled him off to the corner of the room and whispered to him. "Hey do you think you can make something for FalseWing's eye?" Kin nodded his head, "I was working on an experiment with the electrical currents of his eyes, so maybe I can work with something off of that. Now it's not going to give him his vision back, but will be better than being blind." Lone Wolf smiled and patted Kin on his back. "Thanks man." Kin Nodded. "I will get to work on that, while you clean up house from all the blood." Lone Wolf nodded back as he walked over to FalseWing.

    "I'm going to start cleaning up, if you need anything just holler." FalseWing nodded his head, just sitting there he realized that things were going to be a bit different. But he was happy everybody was safe, and everybody was safe. "Hmm..." A voice came from Kimberly, her hands reached over and grabbed FalseWing's hair. "Who is this?" FalseWing reconized the voice and laughed a little, "It's FalseWing, Kimberly. Glad to know you are awake." Kimberly looked over at FalseWing and pulled the blankets up more covering up her body. She did the same for Amora and then gave FalseWing a blank face. "What the hell are you staring at?" Lone Wolf heard her say that, he walked out to see what FalseWing would say.

    FalseWing smiled, "Nothing. I'm not looking at anything.....I won't be for the rest of my days." Kimberly gave FalseWing a questionable look, right as she was about to say something, Amora woke up. "What...what's going on?" When FalseWing heard her speak it was different, he felt scared to tell her, he felt like he was no longer strong anymore that he couldn't provide anything for the family. It was the same thing with his son, he felt so weak when he had to tell him, that is why he was glad his son noticed right away. Amora looked over at FalseWing and she smiled. But FalseWing never looked over at her, his eyes remained looking forward.

    SilverWing walked out into the room and moved to his father. "Dad is there anything I can get you? I'm standing in front of you." FalseWing smiled as he reached his hand out, placing it on his head. "Nah, I'm fine. Why don't ya help Lone Wolf out with cleaning the house. His leg is still pretty injured and we did just get out of battle." SilverWing nodded and ran over to Lone Wolf and began to help him clean up the blood. Kimberly got up as well and walked over to her room to change, Amora followed behind her so she could change as well.. Everybody was doing what they normally do, Lone Wolf and SilverWing were cleaning the house up, Kin was in his room working on new eyes for False. Kimberly and Amora were in the room changing and cleaning themselves up.

    FalseWing sat there on the couch, his hands on his knees as he sat there, nothing for him to do, but usser in the new dawning. FalseWing leaned his head back, slowly closing his eyes, his body was weak. He couldn't understand how everybody was moving around and about so much after what just happened. He could hear the conversations going on through out the house as he laid his head back to rest. The girls were talking about what to wear, and were talking about what happened to them up in the tower how the guys just tore there close off and beat them up. So everything about them raping the girls was a lie, only used to bring out the anger. Lone Wolf was telling SilverWing about the fight with Xylus, and talking to him about his eyes and how great of a power that was. Behind Kins door you could her things creaking and cracking, the sound of him working on experiments or putting something together.

    FalseWing's eyes closed shut, within' seconds he was going to be out into a deep sleep. Before he feel asleep FalseWing whispered to himself, "No longer a god." Lone Wolf heard FalseWing mumble something, he held his finger up to SilverWing signalling to hold on a second. Lone Wolf walked over to FalseWing, "Hey." FalseWing didn't answer, but he did snore a little. "Haha, get some rest you idiot. And....Thanks, you saved me back there." Lone Wolf reached over the couch and threw the blanket on FalseWing. Making his way back over to SliverWing in the kitchen to begin telling him the story again.


    The room is filled with heavy breathing, as SilverWing stands in the middle of the living room. All the furnature is moved to the side, his eyes are surging lightning and he is in a fighting pose. Standing across the room from him is FalseWing, his eyes surging lightning as well as he just stans there. SliverWing is breathing heavy and sweat is dripping from his face, raising his fist up and charging again. FalseWing dodges the attack and punches SilverWing in the back of the head, knocking him down to the ground. "No good again. cmon if you can't even beat a blind man, how do you expect to defeat your bounties." SilverWing quickly got back up and formed another pose getting ready to lunge again. "Hey you two, get cleanned up, dinner is ready." Amora said cleaning her hands off. FalseWing noddes his head, SilverWing ran over to the table and grabbed two towels, and a pair of glasses.

    "Here father." First handing him the towel, FalseWing cleaned his face off. Then SilverWing handed him the glasses. FalseWing placed the glasses on his face and slowly opened his eyes. Looking around the room, "Thank son. Man these things Kin created are great, I might not be able to see complete detail of stuff, but it really does brigten my world up a little." SilverWing smiled. "Well I helped too! It's because of my working demon eyes we were able to figure how to use the elecricity as a light for your eyes." FalseWing laughed a bit, "Thanks." Making there way over to the kitchen. Everybody was sitting at the table, FalseWing and SilverWing sat down at the table and began to eat. Lone Wolf sighed, "This time of peace is pretty nice, huh?" FalseWing nodded his head, "Yeah I would say so, it's givin' time for the city to rebuild itself. And now that we have that new major maybe things will stay in line more." FalseWing, placed his fork down. "I'm going out to visit my fathers grave tonite. So I won't be home till late, don't stay up for me Amora, okay? You get some rest."

    Amora nodded her head, "Give the old king my regards and love." He nodded. Moving his chair out and standing. "Well I'm out." FalseWing made his way over to the door, grabbing his jacket and walking out of the door. FalseWing made his way to the outskirts of the town, he was slowly coming up to a small grave yard. It only had 2 graves in it and a couple feet away from them was a rose bush.. One of them said, Blaze Wing and under neither the name it said. The Wings of Fire. FalseWing bowed his head, "How have you been brother." A small smile on his face, then to the grave next to that it said. Kenpachi Wing. And under neith it said. The Wings of the Clan, and the true leader. And a great father.

    FalseWing smiled and placed his hand on Kenpachi's grave, then placed his other hand on Blaze's grave. "SilverWing is growing nicely, he is truly the prodigy of our clan. Wish you two were here to see him grow." FalseWing sat down in the middle of there grave, leaning against this faters grave. FalseWing sat there for hours just looking up at the stars, talking to the two graves. Of course there real bodies were not burried there, Kenpachi's body was probably burried with the clan. And Blaze's real body was probably next to his fathers. FalseWing looked back to the rose bush and grabbed two roses, placing them down at the base of each grave.

    "Leaving so soon? I was hoping to give my regards." FalseWing looked ahead, since it was dark out, and his glasses only brightened up the world a little, he had trouble seeing who it was. "Who's there?" FalseWing said. "Don't reconize my voice, you must be tired." FalseWing smiled as he waved his hand. "Sorry, I am a little tired, Wolf." FalseWing got up and walked over to him, "What are ya doing here?" Lone Wolf smiled and walked over to the rose bush, plucking two flowers off and placing one next to each grave. "Giving my regards to them, your father was one strong son of a b***h. Just coming by to see how he is doing." FalseWing smiled, "Thanks." Lone Wolf turned towards him and smiled as well, "No problem, bro. Now let's go back to the house, it's getting late." FalseWing smiled, waiting for Lone Wolf to catch up. Then the two began to walk back to the house, back to there family.