• Enrok, the bufoon said, with some desperation, like if he was pursued:

    -"Mr Luther, this requires immediate attention..."- Luther interrumped, angry-"You have read the letter!?"- He threw the letter onto the fancy red rug- "This is very important matter!!"- Ludina was completely shouted, it was the first time that the King Luther looked so worried by the Celts-"Enrok! Alert the knights in the castle and the prince Gaolk to come with us! We need to go investigate Nebraskda!"-Luther seemed to alerted, he never received a notice of god of Ly being summoned, his staff didn't even moved.-"This is pretty weird, my staff should have vibrated!".

    Ludina went to the town, running very fast, while enrok jumped the stairs and call everyone inside the castle. While he was running, about to alert the knights, he found something strange, he saw a door, hiden in the shadows, a door in the floor.

    -"What the..."- Said Enrok, with some curiosity; since he knew the castle better than anyone, he never saw that door, because it was hidden by shadow of torchs and it was as the color of the floor, it was made or rock.-"I have never seen this before, what could it be?!"- Enrok was pretty atonished, we looked to all the places around him, and he completely forgot the order from Luther. Enrok, put a hand on the floor, and started touching the door, with more curiosity than anything that has happened, any king treasure could be inside...

    Will end it soon, i gotta go