• For hundreds of years, the bulk of humanity has been oppressed by one faction or another. Oppression has occurred as a direct result of difference in character, status; race, religion; and sex. The offenders of this oppression come from all walks of life, but the majority have one thing in common. The greatest amount of offenders have been of the male kind. From the Crusades conducted by white men to legal discrimination that transcends religion, men of all sorts have created one dilemma after another that places our world in eternal turmoil. I propose that if human kind was able to eliminate men from the world, the world would be much better for all people.

    Since the dawn of time, men have put women down. In the earliest societies, women did the gathering; not the hunting. Hunting was men’s work. Poetry was unmanly because it was pretty. Women need to rise up and take arms against those who think they are unfit for physical labor or unfit for positions of power.

    Christian men tried to oppress Arab Muslims in the Crusades. Sharing Jerusalem would have been the equivalent of acknowledging the fact that the Arabs were their equal. This was unacceptable. These battles were supposed to demonstrate the superiority of the Christian men. They failed, yet did not admit they failed. The undesirable strain of the human race, ailed by their pride, would never admit such defeat; never admit their failure.

    White men thought it was acceptable to put down the black people. The white man was superior to any other person. Trouble ensued once the white man felt threatened. They enforced segregation, for it was considered unacceptable to share his women with the black man. To share their careers, their schools; their country. No violence ensued for men, urged on by their intelligent wives, created a resolution to enforce equality. Because every ’man is created equal’.

    Every man except those who do not fit the mold. For years, white, Christian, heterosexual men have ruled the world. Very few people realize the truth, though. Behind every great man, there is an even greater woman. Nero, emperor of Rome, was raised solely by his mother. If it wasn’t for her influence, would he have ascended to power? Would Herr Hitler have had every opportunity he had if he did not feel for his mother the way he did? King Henry the eighth had plenty of feminine influence, and he was able to establish a church all his own. Many great acts in history; and none of the would have been possible if not for the role of the even greater women.

    It is time for women to step out of their men’s shadows. Women can rule countries, redirect the direction of society and establish churches all on their own. There is only one real question that needs pondering. What would be the best was to accomplish this? What would force women to step into the lime light? The answer is sadly extremely simple and obvious. The elimination of men. With the arrogance and pride of men out of the picture, women of any race and faith would be able to claim their birthright.

    Herr Hitler was not far off with his ideas of gas chambers. But instead, what if they were not places of death, simply pleasure? A major problem would be repopulation of the world. Well, men like sex. It would be fairly easy to artificially collect sperm from males for repopulation purposes. Sperm can be frozen, and stored until it is needed. The extermination would consist of allowing the males to die from exhaustion. Then their bodies can be used as fuel for cars and homes. Men unfit for reproduction can be used as laborers. It is entirely reasonable to have the remaining men suffer like so many women have. Pre-pubescent males will be raised along side their sisters, until they are old enough to be of use to society.

    This would bring about a time of true equality and empowerment of women or at least a retribution that is so justly warranted.