• Discovery

    Harmony stood in awe, the stars overhead twinkling like many thousand lights.The slow babble of the brook filled her whole body with it's lull. The wind ruffled the grass around her feet, and whispering in her ear.

    Nearby was a tropical tree growing a strange fruit with an enticing smell. She walked over to it and picked a round blue fruit off the tree.

    "I guess it wouldn't hurt to try one." The fruit practically melted away in her mouth. Never did it occur to her that the fruit could be dangerous.

    Walking along farther she discovered a clearing that revealed the most beautiful sight she had come across in her years of space travel. A soft sigh escaped her lips and it seemed as if the whole world sighed with her.

    "This is such a....a...." She trailed off, not knowing what word could explain the pure beauty in front of her. Birds sang sweet melody's, and in the east the glow of the sun announced that dawn was not far away.

    "I must get back to my ship." She whispered, not wanting to disturb the tranquilty. Slowly, but reluctantly she made her way back to her ship.

    "This place is to perfect. Somethiing has to be wrong with it." Harmony pondered for a minute or two before she remembered. "Oh no! The fruit!" As a matter of fact she already felt a little weird.

    Quickly she pressed the lock key and a sharp snick was heard from all the outside doors. Running to her medical unit she found a shot that should counter all types of toxins she could manage to get.

    Her vision already started to fade, but before she passed out she managed to plunge the needle into her leg. "Oh Lord, Please let this work." Harmony managed to mutter before she completley passed out, lying in a crumpled heap on the floor.