• Fine line it is…… between dream and reality. How do we distinguish from the two? The toughest challenge to come across mankind. Gaia? You want to know what gaia is….? Well it cannot be explained in words easy on the mind, it can only be shown. What you’ve been living, is not the actual gaia, but a duplicate or sorts. In short, you’re living way way deep in a dream world. Your mind is programmed to believe it’s 2007, when it’s actually 3080, somewhere in 2000’s, when we gave birth to the superior form skins. All of them, but one turned out normal with no side effect. That one with the side effect being the magma skin, this problem spread worldwide across our fair planet until……. No one was spared. Not even the animals, mochies, kikis, cocos, momo monkeys, all of them.
    After they were exterminated, the magma forms, knew they could not live without an energy source. Just like “the matrix”, there are fields where gaians are being grown like fresh crops from a farm. Grown for fuel.
    It was our fault that the skies are reddened with orange like flames, it was us who dried the lakes trying to douse them like a flaming building. Because of us, this war began.
    Humanity has lost, and we’re being turned into the ultimate source of energy. But why don’t we fight back? Well that’s the problem, our human brains have been wiped of any and all memory. Put into a computer program designed to keep us from struggling, trying to get free, living the life we’ve been living before all this madness, while we’re being turned into this (the narrator holds up a piece of firewood)
    You can refuse to believe it all you want, but know this, once you accept to know the truth, there’s no going back………..
    (scene 1: my character, Sam and Max flp, along with Naogui, tend to the HQ. Naogui has some people working on one of his best designs yet to come off the drawing board.)
    The others walk from place to place pretending they’re doing something, because they finished all their jobs for the day, just then, holo-sat images picked up a fleet ship from the enemy base heading over our location, ETA: 2 minutes.
    “Shut off all electrical equipment, and anything object emitting a heat signature. Start operation cloak. Get everyone to a safe location,” I commanded.
    Soon, everything went black like the great citywide power outage that one year.
    It passed us over after casting a shadow as big as great aunt Maybel’s. it scanned us over and found zero percent signs of life. After that, a signal flare came from all the way near the wall of Gambino, which drew the ship towards it.
    “I’ve giving the order. The objective is search and rescue. That flare had to be a distress signal. It’s a simple rescue from a single fleet ship, so my guess is their defenses will be weak. Take the tanks, because I need you all alive.”
    As they march towards the tank storage bunker, “Naogui?” I whispered. “are your designs ready yet?”
    “Only one, sir.”
    “Good. If there was ever a time to free more minds, it would be now…..”
    (scene two: at the hangar, Naogui gave me the grand tour before we took the ship out to find us a broadcast point.)
    “Drop down here and broadcast pilot signal 4.”
    “This the place, sir?” asked Naogui.
    “Yes. This is the place. I’ve got an old friend, I have to catch up with…..”
    I sat down in the chair, reclined then Naogui hooked some cables to my arms and legs, which surged something through my body like a virus. Then a green glowing helmet lowered over top of my head. I was worried, but Naogui said. “it’s the VT helmet that’ll let you see into the omni-gaia.
    Then my body jerked back and forth, next thing I knew, I was in a blank room, no walls, no windows, no doors, nothing.
    “You’re in a loading program, Sam. You didn’t think I was gonna let you go unarmed did you?” echoed Naogui’s voice from the nothingness. Loading weapons now….
    From very far away several rectangular shelves made their way towards me, getting bigger and bigger with each movement. They rushed passed me like cars on a speeding highway, then stopped leaving me in the center of the third and fourth shelf on my right.
    “These are the only choices, we have so far. Swords, knives, guns, grenades, nunchucks, etc. take your pick.”
    After scoping the aisles, I stock up on glock 22’s, colt M4 shorty, sword of aegis, two katanas, colt 45 pistol, .44 magnum, glock81, and plenty of ammo.
    “I must ask this, are you sure you need to do this?”
    “If I don’t, then we’ve lost the war automatically. Besides, my friends are still in there. I must free them.”
    “Ok. Just remember, whatever happens in there, can happen to you out here. Now hold tight, I’m loading neuro-nets, digital structure, and PPU at this moment,” explained Naogui.
    “Loading 50% complete,” said the computer. “75%....... 89%....... 100%.... load complete.”
    A small square of various colors grew larger beneath my feet until it began resembling trees, buildings, cars, grass, sky, and other objects in the outdoors. I look around, and nothing seemed familiar to my mind.
    My new cellphone rings. I pick it up and answer.
    “sorry about this, sir. But the whole hacking the omni-gaia can be difficult, but I manage to get you as close as I could to the first target you specified, timaniac. Or, as he’s calling himself now, tim the explosive chicken.”
    “How far?” I asked.
    “Just three towns east of your position. My suggestion, try catching a cab. I did my best, sir. Naogui out.”
    A quarter of an hour later after riding to destination in a taxi that smelled like fish and pines, and paying the ridiculous cab fare, I finally reached the town of Maximillion Rubian, the richest gaian this side of the 2000’s sector. Some say this guy got lucky due to stopping a routine logger link account hacking, from setting up the hacker with a mule account filled with botted gold and stolen gaia items. The stolen items had tracking devices in them, when he tried to sell them, the gaia police busted him, he sentenced to a perma-ban from gaia. Not just his multiple account, but also an IP ban as well. Gaia mods didn’t know what to do to thank Maximillion, so they gave him 5 mil gold for his services towards gaia.
    I scour the town for tim the explosive chicken, hardly anyone knew of him. Finally, I came upon someone who knew his whereabouts, he was in the next area over (6 Barton 2055).
    “Sam?! Is that you? It’s been too long, what happened?”
    “No time for that. You have to come with me”
    “What’s wrong?”
    As Tim and I talked on, we weren’t aware of someone listening in on our conversation. This white dude in a light purple samurai outfit, ancient katana holstered on his right side. He had a slick blue super-saiyan trunks hairstyle evil looking eyes like the devil himself and a crooked smile like smith from “the matrix”.
    As we left, the samurai dude followed us. A few blocks ahead, Tim looked back and noticed him. “Who’s that following us?”
    I look back. “not a clue,” I answered. “but we gotta keep moving. From what our tech support found out about this place, it’s not what it seems.”
    We run to evade out pursuer. I pick up the cellphone and say “Naogui, we need an exit.”
    “Working on one now. Ok, got it. Head north towards the fountain in 5 Barton 2021. look for the blue circle, that’ll be your exit point.”
    “Got it. Sam out.” I hang up the cellphone. “2021 Barton square 5. follow me.”
    “I hope you have a set of wheels,” asked Tim.
    After hotwiring a car, we speed out of a corner and head north.
    (scene fades in playing ridin’ dirty by Chammillionaire)
    Birds flew away scared, cops that had set up speed traps started chasing us. They gain on us, then I hit the gas and fly off the road after reaching a dip, hitting the roofs of cars, then descending and drifting around a corner going left. We drifted, ducked, dodged, and eluded the police, came to a draw bridge, the problem was, it was rising to let a cruise ship through. If you think I wasn’t crazy enough to jump it, you’re wrong. I stepped on the gas, switched on the nitrous and belted over that drawbridge like a rocket soaring through the sky then plummeted nose first back to the ground on the other side. Drifted to the right before the reaching the fountain, and shifted into neutral.
    (the song fades out)
    We step out of the car and walk around the fountain, gunshots hit the ground near our toes, we stopped, and saw it was the same guy following us from when I met up with Tim.
    “Who… are you?” he asked.
    “Who wants to know?”
    “The one asking the question. Because if I didn’t want to know, I wouldn’t be….. asking the question….” He said dropping the machine gun.
    “When I say go, head for the exit your body will feel weird after going through, but I’ll explain that later.” I pull out colt45 handgun. “What are you? And do you understand millions of innocent lives are dying out in reality?”
    “Really?” he said sarcastically. “And if you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm….. or course I know, we are programmed to know….” “It is beings like us who keep this world under control for the flame skins.”
    “So, you’re just doing what you’re programmed. Which is to keep us from knowing the truth.” “Then I have but one word to say…… goodbye.” I said firing a shot my handgun, which kept the samurai distracted because he dodged by bending over backwards forwards, sideways, etc while Tim ran for the exit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the same. The exit still remained, but it only meant this guy can follow after us if I just ran like Tim did.
    (topless by breaking Benjamin fades into play)
    “You’d much rather live knowing the truth, instead of living a lie? At least in here, you can what you once could. Run you life the way you would a game. Choose rich….. or choose poor.”
    “Yeh, but you act like fate and decide the rest of our outcome. Me and other people who follow my superiority believe in not letting fate run us. Not let fate beat us, but to let fate be beaten by us….”
    I unsheathe my sword and charge rampantly at him. He leaps back rapidly and pulls out a kowloon handgun as seen in the game “007 nightfire”, sets it to rapid-fire, and open fires, I jump out of the way at light speed, and bring out the glock22, we open fire as we ran up to each other like angry rhinos, (the camera spins around us 360 degrees).
    We both run out of bullets, and haven’t the time to reload.
    He pulls out his katana and slashes at me, I block and counter, but he then counters, we got back and forth countering the other’s attacks, until he delivered a powerful slash that broke my blade.
    He slashes again, and I ducked. He comes in from the left, I ducked but this time I grabbed his wrist and kneed him in the stomach repeatedly until he drops to the ground then I kicked his arm to make him drop his sword.
    He came from under me with an uppercut, knocking me for a loop. He marched at me gripping his left arm, and lunging it at me, first strike he decks me in the jaw, 2nd try I blocked. He released his left arm and came at me with his right, I ducked and kicked his stomach, he fell to his knees and I punched him in his jaw. He was down for the count.
    During that time, I made my way to the exit. The background went black, then turned back into the inside of the ship, the intangible.
    “You ok?” asked Timaniac. “Who was that?”
    “Yeh, tell me somethin’ new, Naogui. I’ve only been in the omni-gaia for an hour or more, it’s my first time, and I already get an unfriendly greeting from a complete stranger,” I explained.
    “I’m stunned just as you, but his body signs are way off the charts, you’re lucky he didn’t have a chance to use full power or you’d be a goner.
    We packed up and set off again, but this time, our radars picked up a scout ship three yards ahead.
    “Oh s**t!” Shouted Naogui.
    “What?” I responded. I immediately took sight of the radar, and saw what Naogui saw. “Are we weaponized for such a ship?”
    “We haven’t made any ammunition big enough for these gun barrels, sir. All we have if the ice beam. And that’s only a one time shot. It’ll take forever and a day to recharge.”
    It gained one more yard.
    “Set it down behind that rock formation.” I commanded.
    “So these are the monsters destroying our world?” Tim whispered.
    “No. that’s a spark drone. Programmed for search and destroy.” Whispered Naogui. “I haven’t had the time to design any ammunition, so for now we have that ice beam wave gun to use against them as our only defense.”
    “Quiet.” I whispered. “Shut off the power.”
    All lights, power and backup power go dead for the moment, the ship pursuing us, breaks into smaller pieces and those pieces search the whole perimeter. One checks us up and down, and finds no trace of life then flies away with the rest of the pieces.
    After they were gone for good, Tim asks “So… is there anything to eat?”
    10 minutes later, in the mess hall on board the intangible.
    “This is the food synthesizer. It can create any kind of food you command. For example. tuna fish on white bread with loads of mayo.”
    Shortly after, the synthesizer trembles, the gears gyrate, and… out pops a tuna fish sandwich.
    “Lemme try,” said Tim excitedly. “I’ll have a whopper, with extra pickle, no onion, and black one the patty.”
    “Although, I must warn you, the synthesizer has been having a little problem with…..” I was cut off by the sound of the machine completing Tim’s request. He takes a bite out of it and his eyes wide, as he chewed then swallowed. “Something’s wrong with this burger…”
    I laugh softly and say “there’s nothing wrong. I was trying to tell you, this machine has problems with simulating flame broiled goodness or fat, greasy, and saltiness of such a fine creation of a sandwich.
    Tim then put a confused look on his face.
    “It’s a synthesizer, not an actual fast food restaurant. Now c’mon, let’s eat.”
    We sit at the table eating our food. Tim looks up at Naogui, who was still working at the computers. “Does he ever eat?”
    “Of course he does, NAOGUI. JOIN US!” I exclaimed.
    “I’ll be there in a bit, just looking up more info on the omni-gaia.”
    “C’mon, even a hard working guy like you deserves a break.” Tim said walking over to him.
    “You don’t get, new guy. I’m the one who built this ship, no one else knows as much as I do about it. If it breaks down, I know how to fix it. But lemme ask you a question. Why’d you decide to believe all this?”
    “Well….. I had nothing else better. Because suddenly it all became boring, just scurrying about in there, picking up gold and selling items, and s**t. I even had these dreams, that there was something going on somewhere far off, and that I would have a part in saving humanity.”
    “Well, I’ll tell you one thing…… you won’t be worth s**t if you don’t know how to fight. Come back after eating, we’ll start combat training.
    4 minutes later, we find Timaniac in the virtual reality chair strapped in.
    “Standard procedures call for starting you off with novice programs. But let’s try something more fun, shall we?” Naogui says holding up a red disk.
    “What’s that?”
    “It’s….” he turns the disk over and reads the back. “Jeet kune do and kung-fu.”
    “I’m gonna learn those?”
    “We haven’t any time go through basic training, so we gotta take this to the next step. Now when I insert this you’ll feel a slight rush.” He inserts the disk, and Tim’s brain starts tingling. Next thing he knew, he knew bits and piece of two different fighting styles.
    “Holy s***.” He said.
    “Want more?”
    “s**t yeh.”
    Naogui starts up the program. Several hours pass, on the screen, you see the computer simulating the moves on screen.
    After it was completed, Naogui said “Now, let’s see how you fair...” “I’m jacking you into the loading program.”
    3 minutes later inside the white room. Walls, lamps, floor, and other stuff fall around Tim and form the inside of a Chinese dojo.
    “Meet your first opponent.” Naogui’s voice exclaimed from the sky.
    In walks a black guy two inches taller than him dressed in black armor, a sword holstered on his left side. He takes the sword in its holster and tosses it aside then stands in the karate stance.
    Tim does the same.
    “Remember your training. GO!”
    The black guy runs towards Tim, who blocks and attempts to do a sweep attack, the black guy leaps in the air, and strikes with a mid-air crane kick. Tim blocks, but the attack still blew him back towards a lamp.
    (Psycho by puddle of mudd fades into play)
    The black guy charges at Tim full speed, fist drawn back, and strikes. Tim dodges, grabs his arm, twists it, and knees him in the stomach then flips him over, kicks him in the side, knocking him back to the center of the ring. He front-flips towards him, and kicks him in the head.
    The black guy was down for the count.
    “First one’s always easy, so slow yo roll, dude.”
    The Chinese dojo converts to a forest.
    “Next program: armed and unarmed combat. Let’s say you didn’t have any weapons, but your opponent does. You have to disarm him using the human weapon.”
    In comes a samurai in a red male kimono wearing Chinese sandals, with a weird looking ponytail. He unsheathes his sword and blindly charges at Tim slicing from the left. Tim ducks and repeatedly punches him in the stomach. The samurai takes a few steps back, feeling dizzy he recuperates, then attempts to stab Tim, moves slightly so the sword goes in between his side and his left arm, then grabs the guy’s hand and twists it, which makes him drop his sword. Finally, Tim elbows him in the neck, cutting off his oxygen and making fall unconscious.
    Naogui clears his throat. “Ok, you’re good. Next challenge: the fight then run away method. This mostly applies to people similar to who you and Sam faced against when trying to escape. You have three minutes to escape before the virtual bomb explodes. Since this is a virtual program, you’ll be sent back the intangible if the you run out of time.
    In comes a samurai in a light purple outfit similar to the same samurai we faced earlier, except with no sword on his side, and aquamarine cornrows on his head instead of black super saiyan trunks style hair.
    (World domination by skindred fades into play)
    “Timer set. Estimated 3 minutes until detonation.”
    The samurai runs at Tim, delivers a left, right and uppercut. Tim blocks, and delivers a punch to his stomach, sweeps him off the ground and punches him in the stomach again.
    They start fighting back and forth as fast as on dragonball z. moving so fast they became invisible.
    They slowed down, and the samurai kicks Tim in the stomach
    “Tim, hurry. Only 2 minutes left.”
    Tim notices a sharp rock pointing outward towards him, he stood up and fought the warrior with all his might, every chance that he got he kicked him in the chest knocking him backward a bit, until he kicked him into the pointy rock formation, the samurai stands there impaled on it, while Tim makes his escape.
    He makes it back to the ship.
    (song fades out)
    “Dude, that was brutal. Not even I would’ve done that.”
    “Desperate time. Desperate measures.”
    Back in the omni-gaia.
    Tim and I set off following this signal, a distress signal. It was coming from Barton town 35000. we then got ambushed by gaia police. Cops wielding nightsticks to the right, some wielding handguns in the center, and others with TMP’s to the left of us. And the same samurai dude from before. “Apparently… my actions weren’t…. clear the last time we met.”
    “What do you want?” I asked.
    “What I want? Tough question really…. What do any of us want? Money? Power? Fame? Maybe even your carcasses behind bars until you grow liver spots.”
    “Whatever it is you’re being paid, I can double it.”
    “There’s not enough in this pitiful, rotting virtual world to pay me off. No matter of material possession can appease me. Besides, what I want is… far more out of your reach than you can hope.”
    “It’s what you have…. Freedom!”
    “Enough of this s**t,” barked Tim. “where are your hostages?”
    “Hostages… whatever do you mean hostages….? No one is being held against their will.”
    “We were following a distress signal that came from out here. We know you have something to do with it,” I explained.
    “This is a matter I have no time for…… arrest them, do whatever you please. I have important matters to take care of….”
    “On my mark, get ready to jump.” I said to Tim as the cops loaded their guns.
    On one, the cops took aim. On 2, they were ready to fire. On 3, I barked at Tim to jump.
    We took cover behind some rocks, and from that point it became a showdown.
    Bullets flying everywhere, Tim and I looked at each other, we could see each other’s eyes what we had to do, we both nodded at each other, then sprung out from behind the rocks open firing, then taking cover behind the trees. We peaked out and open fired again, taking out several of the cops. We popped out from behind the trees and did the matrix walking on walls thing, throwing grenades at the police, 10 of them got caught in the blast and flew out in different directions.
    5 cops remained, carrying nightsticks, we dropped our guns and came up fighting.
    Tim, then counter-clockwise side kick and knocked the club out the cop’s hand then kicked him in the stomach and head rendering him unconscious, and delivered a thrust punch to the 2nd officer’s chest knocking him into the window of a house.
    I took on the remaining three, I reached for the nightstick in the officer’s hand, and twisted clockwise until his arm released, then I back slapped him with it. I did a back flip kick and knocked the next one flat on his back. The third one, I knocked into a tree using a spinning back kick, he hit the tree with so much force that the part from stem and upward broke off and landed on him.
    “We’re a ********’ two man army,” Tim said sounding all excited.
    “Yeh, don’t get used to it, cuz that was just pure luck. Now let’s find those people.”
    Our endeavor brought us to a large 20 story build. The signal got stronger, and as far as we could tell, there were about 16 people on 20th floor.
    I call Naogui up on my cellphone. “Naogui, is there any possible way we can get back into the loading program? We gotta stock up on more weapons.”
    “Not likely. You have to get to an extraction point in order to get in. if it’s the guards you’re worried about? There’s only a few. I also took the liberty of stocking you with a sleep dart gun and some tranquilizers. Good luck. Naogui out.”
    I hang up the cellphone and Tim and I continue on into the building.
    “If we’re lucky, then I can take out the two guards over there, and we can use the elevator to get up to the top,” I whisper to Tim. “I can’t get a clean shot, can you distract them so I can get closer?”
    “I’ll do what I can,” Tim whispered
    Tim walks up while they’re reading a magazine. They look up and the first guy on the right asks “Can we help you?”
    “Can you tell me where I can find the nearest payphone?”
    As Tim asks that, I sneak closer. So close that I’m actually near the counter. I slowly rise and pop a tranquilizer into their necks. Next thing you know, they’re down for the count. “Switch off the cameras,” I said to Tim.
    He does some random typing then presses enter, and then the screen displaying what the cameras see, shows nothing but static lines.
    “It’s done.”
    Now, Tim and I run for the elevator. Meanwhile…… on the 20th floor. The samurai guy from before along with another samurai dude that has a guy’s green page hairstyle. “Shakuro. We have a problem. Security cameras have gone offline.”
    “It’s them again…..” Shakuro said sounding enraged.
    “Should we move the hostages?”
    “No. let them stay here. It doesn’t matter. They won’t make it out with the hostages. Alive that is…..”
    “Should I take care of them?”
    Shakuro ponders for a while then says “Yes…. Yes you shall.”
    Back to us, we make it to the room the hostages were in, and are greeted by Shakuro.
    “Well well well……. Isn’t this a surprise?”
    “I thought you didn’t know anything about any hostages?”
    “That was mainly because we were in the presence of the proper authorities. I, Shakuro will not go down without a fight. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you two are dead. To see that the omni-gaia does not fall. Unfortunately, I’m retiring for right now. I’ll leave you in the hands of Tikavro, I have other business to attend to.
    In walks the samurai with the guy’s green page hairstyle, Tikavro.
    “There isn’t any room to fight in here. We need to lure him to the roof.” I say to Tim.
    “What about the hostages?”
    “Let me handle that.” I answer, dropping a smokescreen bomb. “EVERYONE. FOLLOW MY VOICE.!” I exclaimed.
    Tim, the 16 hostages and I escape the clutches of Tikavro and make to the roof. I pull out my cellphone and call Naogui. “It’s me again. We need a transport for 18 people.”
    “military helicopter heading your way in 3 minutes, try and hi-jack it. Good luck. Naogui out.”
    “Someone wanna explain what the ******** going on!” exclaimed one of the guys that was held hostage.
    “I’ll explain later.”
    The helicopter made its way to our location, the guy in the passenger seat of the cockpit then imploded and Tikavro took up the space he once occupied. Tikavro jumped out of the chopper and onto the roof.
    “Everyone stay back.” I exclaimed. I pulled out my blacktail handgun and open fired, but Tikavro blocked all the bullets with his sword just similar to the way Shakuro dodged them before.
    (everything moves in slow motion when I block the bullets with my sword similar to Tikavro.)
    I blocked them all, except one that broke my sword and stuck into my arm. I grabbed my arm with my other hand. “Ah s**t!” I exclaimed at the top of my lungs.
    Tikavro takes a step forward and Tim is next to him on the samurai’s left with a knife in his right hand hand at Tikavro’s neck, and the gun in his left hand at pointing at his stomach. “Dodge this ********.” he says pulling the trigger.
    Tikavro is stunned by the bullet embedded in his stomach. While he was stunned, Tim steps in front of him and kicks him off the ledge of the building plummeting to his doom.
    After hitting the bottom, Tikavro imploded and the cop took over the space he occupied.
    With my working arm, I pointed a shotgun at the helicopter. Threatened by it, the pilot lands the craft, Tim steps up and commands the pilot to get out.
    The hostages, Tim and I board the chopper. But Tim doesn’t know to pilot the helicopter.
    I hand Tim my cellphone. “Call…. Naogui and ask for….. a download on how to pilot a helicopter. Also ask for an exit.
    “I can fix your arm,” responded this girl form behind me. “I’m a nurse.”
    “Thanks. What’s your name?”
    “I’m silentassasindemongod666, what’s yours?”
    Few minutes later, the helicopter starts taking off. “The exit is west of here back in the 1000’s area.
    Over to Shakuro and Tikavro.
    “I believe we’ve…. Underestimated those two rebellious miscreants. We need to take drastic measures to ensure their inevitable death…..” said Shakuro.
    “Should I follow them….”
    “That won’t be necessary, besides…. You already tried….. AND FAILED…. I will not tolerate failure. This time, I’ll take them on like last time, but I will make sure to succeed……
    Scene fades back to us after we landed at 1099 Barton, square 1. we see the blue circle on the ground near an embedded rock, we each go through one at a time starting with demonic water ninja, graceful taco, reshy, shanelimhoe, DJ Dalek, De Kirin, sweet_pie_721, the beyonder, X agent 47, treize khushrenoda, Cuban mercenary, shazaam724, marshall georgy zhuko, michael147, Yadadamean77, and finally silentassasindemongod666 then me.
    Timaniac was about to follow after, but then some strange beam disrupted the signal from the blue circle and made it disappear.
    Soon after, Shakuro steps forward from the shadows. “It’s ironic….. how you’re the last one still stuck here. I bet your friends would mourn your death for a lifetime…..”
    “Just leave us alone and I promise I won’t kill you.”
    “What I’ll enjoy the most…. is making you eat those words.”
    The stand and stare each other down like in a western movie.
    (Black by sevendust fades into play)
    They run at each other, Shakuro lunges forward with a left hook, Tim blocks and delivers a punch to Shakuro’s stomach, who then uppercuts Tim in the chin. Tim jumps up form off of his back, lays a right cross, a kick to the lower leg, torso and head, but Shakuro blocks, and hits him with a palm thrust to the chest knocking his back to a wall, then knees him in the stomach, punches him there, then in the left and right jaw, and finally throws him to the ground. Shakuro walks away, Tim sneaks up and attempts to drop kick him with a counter-clockwise spin kick, Shakuro grabs his foot, Tim spins around and nails him in the head. Releasing his grip, Shakuro awaits Timaniac’s next attack, he lunges at shakuro with a left jab, but Shakuro grabs the arm, twists him around then spins him around and into the next town over.
    (song fades out)
    Tim makes a run for it, bullets whizzing past his head as he ran. The cellphone in his pocket rings. It was Naogui.
    “Been trying all day to establish a signal. Listen, Tim. Got an exit for you. Head to through the alleyway two blocks ahead of you.”
    Tim spots the alleyway and runs down it. Naogui tells him to go up the fire escape, and he does. He then runs through the first door in front of him, down two flights of stairs, then through a window, and through another adjacent to the same window, landing in another room. He continues running, going down more flights of stairs and back to the ground floor.
    “Now, three miles ahead of you is an old apartment complex, when you get there the exit is in the shower of room 4c. gimme a call if you need more help. OH s**t!!!”
    “We got another scout ship heading our way. You better hurry. Naogui out.”
    Tim runs up to a man holding his bike up and says. “I need to borrow this.” And then hops on the bike and rides off.
    Unfortunately, Shakuro was right behind him in an grey scion car. 12 yards and closing, 11, he gained 3 more yards, then lost more, then was a foot behind Tim. Tim pedaled faster until he couldn’t no more. An evil look comes across Tim’s face, a few feet ahead was turn, he went left, and Shakuro crashes smack-dab into this black guy’s car and afterwards a ten car pile-up occurred then he turned right at the next intersection.
    Over to Shakuro. “Tikavro… I might have a bit of a problem with this one. Meet me at that old apartment complex and bring Nirday.”
    “Yes boss.”
    Shakuro implodes and the body previously driving took over again. “Where am I?” asked the guy to himself.
    Back to Timaniac a few minutes later at the apartment build. He’s racing up the stairs across the hallways and up some stairs, bursting through doors and more doors, until……
    He finds Shakuro standing in front of him, with Tikavro and Nirday standing in the back. Shakuro shot Tim in the stomach.
    Tim is stunned, his hand over the bullet wound, and feels blood.
    Shakuro repeatedly shoots in the stomach, and Tim falls to the ground. Is this the end of Timaniac? This is what all the others back on board the intangible ponder as Tim’s lifeline goes flat.
    “I told you I’d make you eat your words….. c’mon let’s go.”
    Back on board the ship, the magma skin scout ship broke into smaller pieces then started causing damage to the intangible.
    “Tim, wake up, man. You’re not dead, you can’t be dead. You’re my best buddy.” I began pounding his chest. “Live damn you. LIVE!!!” “Do you have any shots of adrenaline?”
    Naogui searches for it, then finally passes it to me. I pull the protective thing off the needle, and insert the adrenaline into the needle. “You can’t die, Tim.” I shout as I jab the need in his neck and inject the adrenaline into him.
    A few minutes later, his lifeline came back online.
    “Now get up and finish the job.”
    Tim rises onto his feet. Shakuro and the others turn back drew their guns and open fired.
    Time moves slow as Tim rolls the barrage of bullets and throws three pins towards the barrel of the guns, igniting the bullets about to fire out of the barrel and blowing up the guns.
    Out of rage, Shakuro charges blindly at Timaniac, who blocks every attack he throws, then kicks him back to where he first stood. Shakuro looks up at him with blood on his left dimple, stands up and sees Tim running towards him, and before he could even counter, Tim, bounces off the left wall and sticks a needle in the back of his neck, then kicks him to the ground. He falls through the floor and impales on pipe sticking off the wall bending upward.
    Back on the intangible, I call out to Tim, then he runs for the shower and was instantly transported back to the ship, Naogui charges the ice wave and presses the blue button. A large sphere of white light that was ice, shot out and destroyed the pieces of the flame ship.
    “Great to have you back, dude.” Naogui said.
    “Thought I almost lost you, buddy,” I said patting him on the back.”
    “It’s not over yet, right sir?”
    “Affirmative,” I respond. “We still haven’t one the war….. this was only the beginning……”