• Isolated, trapped. If I try to escape an alarm will go off, sonding everyone this way. Looking out the nearest window to me I could see the trees ruffle from a nice calm breeze. You couldn't imagine the yearn to go out there run around in circles without a care in the world. But I coulnd't escape. I couldn't feel the cool breeze go against my face, blow and toss my hair about. All the walkers and bicylists out for the nice day. I saw a couple with a beautiful lab going for a walk, tongue out and trotting along. I sighed, thenI saw them. The two that kept me locked in so I couldn't escape. The eldest of the two Jane unlocked the doors and both of them came in. The youngest Maria, was carring a new purse, smiling with much accomplishment. Jane however was carrieing a bag full of junk I really wouldn't use, or care for. Lets just say I'm not like most girls.
    "We're back!" exclaimed Jane
    "What took you guys so long" I whined proping my feet on the back of her chair, yawning.
    "We weren't gone that long, were we?"
    "For an hour."
    "Oh." was all she said till she started digging into her purse pulling out a key. I sighed and propped my face in my hand looking out the window. Seeing all the trees and houses flash before me, as we reached thrity five and was still going. But finally she made a turn off to the drive lane to park. It seemed so suddenly I was in middle school, now its over and I'm a freshman. Living in a small town in southern Illinois with the population of 2,000 seems to let you know pretty much everyone. All everyone is talking about seems to be the eighth grade dance this Saturday. Wow, I never thought about that the dance is in one day. My friend Casie was going to go with Brady but ditched him and is now going with his twin Derrick. Girls, wellanyone in perticularcan be so cruel. I'm going with my best friend of a guy Jonathan. Just friends since he has a pretty and nice girl friend in seventh grade. I asked Tyler if he would go with my best friend Kylee, he said no of course. Jon, Kylee, and me were going to eat at Subway, but now I think its Chinese. How things change its so confusing, why can't things just stay the way it was planned? I went straight to the cabnet for food. Finding piles of junk food, but nothing good for supper. I decided to make some ramen. Fixing the instant ramen like it says on the back was how I used to make it till Casie showed me a new recipe. After I finished the three min cookI drained out the water adding a layer of milk, two butter slices, and the chicken flavoring in it.
    "I want some,please!" Maria pleaded. Giving a sigh, I gave her half. If grand-ma isn't cooking it was usually me. Yes sometimes mom says she'll cook. But we try and persuade her otherwise. Yes dad cooks, but he works night shift and only cooks on the weekends. To say it nicely as possible my sister is to "tired" to cook after basketball practice with all the "running". I slumped on the couch, slurpping away on my ramen. Yep my life is pretty much a bore... I stared at empty space drooling till my sister finally spoke up.
    "ew, Sasha! your drooling again!"
    "hu?" I looked down my face and saw a noodle half way out of my mouth and a poodle of drool in my lap, I hurried up and slurpped the noodle in wipping the puddle away. Maria gave a sigh
    "how many times are you going to keep doing this?"
    "Till I get a life, now shut up and eat the ramen I made for you"
    "rrearr touchy" she made that stupid cat noise. I rolled my eyes at her and she finally shutted up. Well sorry I'm getting short tempered, you know your not helping much! I finished off my ramen and put the bowl in the dishwasher.
    "Oh you made romen? I was thinking about making supper"
    "Okay, first off its pronoucned ramen raw-men. Secondly no thank-you!"
    "aw is someone in a bad mood" Jane pouted and mocked me
    "yes, and someones not helping" I gave a nice fake smile towards her tilting my head. She just rolled her eyes at me... I'm getting ticked off... Man I really am getting short tempered... I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, brushed threw what was supposed to be hair, and went to my room about to go to sleep. Till my mom came in.
    "you have a big day tomorrow"
    "I know, I'm going to get some rest"
    "You know if you don't hurry up and chose what you want your hair to be I get to chose"
    "I know and your making me even more nervious and stressed then a girl this age should be over a little 8th grade dance!"
    "sorry, just get some sleep"
    "thats what I was planning on till you came in.." she rolled her eyes yet again at me and tried to kiss my forehead. Before I tilted my head away from her. She smiled and closed the door, finally leaving me to get some rest....