• Amaru ran as fast as he could, away from the flesh-eating monsters. they chased him after smelling his scent, and were catching up. quickly, Amaru grabbed a pole, in case they caught up.

    "damn, why do these nowadays have to be so rough?" Amaru sighed to himself.

    they caught up and surrounded him, Amaru with his pole at the ready. one charged him, and Amaru spun with the pole, hitting the monster on it's side. then three attacked him. he backfliped over one, hitting it's head with the pole, and landed on another. the monster tried to scratch Amaru away, but failed. Amaru spun the staff above his head, and brung it down hard, the pole entering through the thick skull of the monster and coming out through the bottom.

    Amaru brought the pole back up, waiting for the third one to attack. the third one jumped, and Amaru did the same. the other monsters also jumped, surrounding Amaru.

    "hah! you guys give me the most fun!" Amaru joked.

    he brought the pole over his head, hitting a monster, then brought it back to hit the monster in front of him. then he spun it around his waist so it hit the monsters on the side, and threw it at a monster diagonal from him. he landed safely on the ground, all the monsters dropping dead.

    "that'll teach ya," Amaru said and sighed, starting to walk away.

    surprisingly, a hand grabbed Amaru by his foot, dragging him screaming down into an open hole.