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    Part 8:
    Her hands were straight down at her sides her fingers moving nervously as many people pasted by her playing no never mind. She didn't remember people being like that to her before. Had she changed so much that others didn't even see her anymore?

    Just as she was about to do off to find somewhere that was more quite. Carly followed by the normal group of girls. Who all seemed to always follow Carly like the tail on a dog.

    Yuffie opened her mouth to speak but Carly cut her off. "Oh My! You.. you look so pale. Don't you remember what I told you about fair skin and black?" the girl said with a slightly annoyed tone. With a look on her face that said 'see what happens when you don't listion to me.

    She chuckled nervously at Carly not knowing what to reply. She looked down at herself not seeing anything as horrid as Carly was making it out to me. Than Yuffie lifted her hands up looking at the backs of her hands first than flipping them over to palm side. They did seem whiter... Shaking her head at the eerie tension of the stares of the girls who were standing in front of her. "I-I gotta go.." she said pushing past the girls walking down a hall in which her room was located.

    Carly scuffed at Yuffie's actions while other girls giggled at the strange behavior. "Well excuse you" one mumbled, sending others to giggling again.

    Yuffie made her way to her bedroom, placing her hand on the door handle taking a deep calming breath before she turning the metal nob opening the door. Looking over at her bed was a form of two people under the covers.

    "Uh..." she said in horror of what they may be going in her bed. "Get out!" she said jesting behind her. One of the forms hands appeared over the cover pulling the cover down to show the face of a guy and soon showing a girl.

    Yuffie groaned lightly at there lack of movement her open lip curled up in the process. Walking over to her bed and pulled the cover of in one jerk. She sighed in relief when the guy was fully dressed and the girl wasn't missing any clothes. Good thing she came in time.

    "Get... the hell out my bed!" Yuffie yelled looking at the two. She spoke fiercely with an expression to match. The fangs seemed to just slightly reform how her upper lip hung over her mouth. Not a great amount but perfect in times like this.

    The guy was the first to jump out, well more of fall out of the bed before he ran out the door. Leaving the girl solely left on the bed. The girl stared at Yuffie. In reply she stared back having colder eyes than the slutty girl. With a shake, the girl quicky got out of Yuffie's bed running off.

    She sighed heavily shaking her head moving over closer to her head sitting on the end of it. Looking straight at the wall in front of her, she breathed out letting all the air out of her body. She leaned her head back slowly until it was all the way back it could go.

    Now being little top heavy she fell backwards onto her bed. Yuffie gasped not expecting to end up looking at the ceiling. She looked at it for a moment until she heard a voice in the room. Quickly bring her body upright in a sitting postion to look at the person talking to her.

    A teenage about the age of herself was standing by her feet. His hair was short, angled nicely around the ears, with sterling blue eyes. The boy jolted a little from Yuffie's quick movement bring his hands up. "I'm sorry to scare you... but are you okey?" he asked nicely.

    Yuffie looked over his face he did seem truely genuine. Her stern look soon faded away. "No." she said than shook her head quickly fixing her words, "I mean you didn't scare me."

    The boy weakly smiled and slowly moved to sit down next to her. "Okey. Are you okey through?" he asked pressing the subject wondering if she drank to much. Yuffie watched him carefully as he sat near her. "I'm fine... I just feel.." she said stopping knowing that he couldn't understand how she felt.

    He nodded, his head not moving move an inch. "I'm Seth... and, I will not hurt you.., I swear" he said knowing how odd it sounded. Than slowly moving his hand up and inbetween her hair and neck. Finally placing it on her bare neck. Seth moved his hand over spot in her neck that you could feel a pulse. Rasing his eye brow at what seemed to be fadding pulse, than moved his hand a little bit more back feeling for any heat. "Your cold, I dont think you are doing so well." Seth said softy not wanting to scare her.

    Yuffie closed her eyes as soon as he touched her neck. For some reason she didn't mind his touch, almost wanted it. Not knowing why that was through, maybe the innocence of it, or maybe the feeling deep inside her that wanted to take the innocence away.

    Seth's puzzled look didn't stop, only increased when he saw Yuffie's reaction to his touch. "I knew it was to soon for you to have an event like this." he said not harping on her but complaining more about the situation. Removing his hand he spoke again to Yuffie, " You should get some sleep.."

    The girl shook her head looking into Seth's blue eyes. "That is the last thing I want" she said with a bit of tension in her voice. Than changed to subject, "Name's Yuffie.."
    Seth smiled than lightly shook his head knowing he would not be able to convince her to go asleep. Even if you could with all the noise.

    Seth got off her bed holding his hand out towards her. "Come on." he said with a soft smile. She smiled than instantly stopped before smiling to wide, not wanting to show case her fangs. Getting up on her feet Yuffie slid her hand into his. His hand seemed so warm to her wanted just to hold it for its warmth. Seth smiled and led her out of her room back into a group of people.