• Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! The alarm clock chirped with its daily awaking song. Smash! “Mother ******** piece of s**t” was the response from the woman as she smashed her hand down on the sleep button, rolling over and mumbling “10 more minutes” she fell back asleep.
    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! The clock began chirping again, not to be deterred by the violent pounding it received every morning by the woman. “Damn” she said as she crawled groggily out of bed turning off the alarm on the way to the bathroom where she started her morning routine.

    Finally awake she trod out to the kitchen where her young son sat watching cartoons and eating a bowl of frosted flakes. “Morning mom” he said in a flat tone.
    “On auto pilot again” she thought laughing to herself as she poured herself some cereal. They sat together eating frosted flakes as they watched SpongeBob dance across the screen. After a brief glance at the clock she stood up and turned off the TV. “Come on Hun, time to start the day.

    After dropping off her son at school she went to work and began her routine when there was a knock at her office door. “Come in” she said as she put aside the papers she was working on and looked up to see who was at her door. A tall man walked in, with his blond hair perfect and his sky blue eyes fixed upon her. She could hardly speak because her heart was in her throat, just the sight of him could take her breath away, and when he spoke with his melodious voice that sounded like it was from heaven she had a hard time controlling herself. “Yes”, she said awakening from her daydream and trying to ignore her body, “I do have the ... file, here you go” she said as she handed him the file brushing his fingers just ever so slightly, even though it was just a gentle caress she felt as if she had been struck by lightning, a lightning bolt called Cameron, her favorite kind.

    Removing the cold sandwich she had made earlier that morning from her bag she sat down on the bench at the park across from her work, watching the children run and play as she thought about her own young child. Even though she was young and unmarried she had a son of 8. It was a fluke circumstance. She wasn’t the boy’s real mother at all; it was her best friends from high school. When Kailie had gotten pregnant she assigned her to be the godmother, she accepted thinking what a nice honor. Sadly soon after this Kailie was hit by a drunk driver, so she quickly adopted the young boy as her own loving him like he was the fruit from her loins. Glancing at her watch she put away the rest of her lunch and began to walk back.

    He watched her from his window. Her perfection always made him feel things he’d never felt before. One look at her perfect hourglass shaped body and toned tan skin. Her long brown hair, down today and her beautiful eyes, he could never tell what color they were, sometimes they would be a dark deep blue and other times they would be a deep forest green, and always they held a deep look of one who has seen more then ones age. Just one look into these deep loving eyes and he would feel himself falling deeper, into a hole of unforgivable feelings. He found himself making excuses to go visit her, stupid things, like asking her questions he knew the answer to already or could get on his own, doing this just to see her body and hear her sweet voice which sounded like that of an angel.

    “Daydreaming again?” that voice he had just been dreaming about asked jolting him out of his daydream. He spun around to see the vision of loveliness that he so craved for. If only he could get up the courage, if only.
    “Yeah, just dreaming about all the work I have left and how much better it would be to be sitting on a beach with a drink with one of those little umbrellas in my hand instead.” He replied blushing slightly. Noticing his blush she looked at him quizzically, wondering just what it was he was really dreaming about.
    “That sounds good, but seeing as how I have work and there isn’t a beach nearby I think I’ll go finish up.” She said turning on her heel and walking back to her office. “Why must he be so handsome?” She pondered on the way.

    ‘Hey sweetie, have a good day at school?” the woman said as she picked up her son from school.
    “Yeah” said a sad voice.
    “Honey, what’s wrong?” cried the always concerned mother.
    “’Nothing, it’s just that everyone in my class has a mommy and a daddy, and well I have you. And well it’s just not fair!” he cried squirming his body so that his back was toward her. It was like a stab in her heart with a hot ax. Sensing he didn’t want to talk anymore they went home silent the whole way, each wrapped in a world of thoughts.
    It was so hard, and as normal as she tried to make it seem she had told him the truth, and she knew that it was more then a burden then any little kid should be carrying. Knowing that you once had a father but he left as soon as you were born, never to have anything to do with you and a real mother at one point too, until a drunk driver took that too. And now you live with a nice lady who you love and call mom but there still is no male figure and she isn’t really ready for kids, she is young and is just getting her life going, but all the same it was the fact that he still had nobody to call dad. Sure there had been guys that were almost father, until they showed there true colors and were cut lose, brushed off like some nasty disease carrying bug.

    When they arrived at the small two bedroom house he gave a loud sigh of relief, always feeling so much better at home, and took off his shoes and went to his room to play with his toys until suppertime.

    Sitting down to eat at the small table in the cramped kitchen as the day faded into night her son looked much happier and ate with an appetite true to that of a growing boy. Steering clear of any subject that might lead to another incident like in the car that afternoon they had a pleasant supper. After super they cleaned up the kitchen and went to watch a movie before bed. As Mathias lay on his belly staring up at the screen watching intently her thoughts drifted to Cameron and the conversation that Mathias and her had in the car on the way home. Wouldn’t it be so nice to give her adopted son a family, a true one with a mom and a dad that cared for him as if he were there own. To give him something, someone to love him after all of his own family had been wiped clean from his short life. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to curl up in Cameron’s muscular arms at night. Safe from the surrounding world and its problems and wrapped in a blanket of safe, protecting man-flesh.

    Startled out of her thoughts by the ending of the movie she picked up her now sleeping son and carried him slowly to his room, tucking him in and kissing his forehead she slipped out of the room and went to her own where she soon fell into a deep sleep.

    As he walked the dark, lonesome streets he breathed in the cool crisp night air. The fresh air clearing his foggy head. He had spent the night as he spent most nights, alone in a dark pub drinking like a fish trying to drown away his sorrow. His life had only been one tragedy after another and now that life seemed to be giving back to him everything it had taken away he found himself unable to act upon it. What he would give to have the courage to be able to talk to Julie, ask her out for a cup of coffee, or just be able to talk to her without tripping all over himself. “What a fool she must think me.” He thought darkly to himself. “Why would she ever want a bumbling idiot like me when there is so much more out there.” Stumbling slightly as he walked up the steps to his lonely one bedroom apartment where he fell on the sheets of his bed and was soon asleep.

    Dawns early morning rays streaked through the grimy window of his small shed where he had spent yet another night working. Rubbing his eyes with ferocity with his dirty hands he woke. Looking around at his nights work reflecting in the early morning light he smiled a cruel twisted smile to himself and went inside the house, after locking the shed tightly. “Time to get ready for another pointless day at work.” He laughed to himself with a malicious smile, a smile that met his dark brown eyes as if he knew something that no one else did. “Not yet, anyway” He thought chuckling again as he started the shower.

    “Late again?” Leroy said with a toothy smile.
    “Yeah, you know how it is.” Julie replied in a hurried manner. “It its not one thing it’s the other.”
    “Do try not to make it a habit.” Leroy replied with another smile “And don’t forget to turn in you reports this afternoon, on time if you can manage it.”
    “Right.” Julie replied hurrying off. Why was it that Leroy was so strange? There was nothing remarkable about him or the things he did it was just that odd feeling that came over her whenever he was around. As if something wasn’t quite right, but she could never figure out what it was. “Oh well,” she thought shrugging her shoulders “time to start another day.”

    Work always cheered Cameron up. Having people around him who respected him, or at least pretended to out of fear of getting fired, it made him feel important and liked. Something he had never felt before in his long miserable life. “And Julie.” He thought. Just the fact that she worked in the same building as him was enough to make a smile stretch across his face. One day he would get up the courage to ask her out. “One day.” He sighed and sat at his desk.

    In his office Leroy sat mentally punishing himself for punishing Juile. How he hated to scold her for being late, he knew that she had a young child to take care of before she came in, but what would the others think if he told them a thing or two for being late but not her. He didn’t want the others to think that she was special, although she was. Sometimes he wanted to scream from the tallest building his love for her. He wanted to come home with flowers everyday for her, and make the most passionate love to her every night. “So why don’t you” the vicious voice sounded in his head. “Why don’t you just climb up to the roof top and shout your desires?”
    “I can’t, and you know that.”
    “Why, are you afraid that she’ll reject you, want someone more handsome, smarter, better then you. Someone like Cameron. I’ve seen the way she looks at him, eyes full of lust.” The voice taunted him.
    “ENOUGH” Leroy screamed out loud. “Just go away and leave me to my misery, please”