• Chapter 1
    “Daddy!!!” I screamed as I woke from the dream. It was the day of the crash, the day my father had died. I had been in the crash too. We were coming back from a fishing trip, we loved to fish. We had caught 5 nice and fat fish. Then all of a sudden a big Ford truck came out of nowhere. It was going over the speed limit, way over the speed limit. It hit the driver side. My dad died instantly, I got lucky and got some scratches, bruises, and a few broken bones. I was in the hospital for two weeks, the longest two weeks of my life.
    “Katharine!” my mom said as she came running in, “sweetie are you OK?” she asked in a worried tone.
    “Yeah, I’m fine just the dream again.” I gave her a weak smile. She gave me a smile back.
    “BRING! BRING!” shouted my alarm.
    “Huh! I don’t’ want to get up.” As I said that Emmett jumped up on my bed and started to lick my face. “Emmett!” I started to laugh; Emmett was the only thing I had left that my dad had given before he died. My birthday was we had gone out on a fishing trip. He was goanna give me Emmett after we got back, he never got the chance. When I got home from the hospital I was still in a daze when I stepped into the house. There sitting on the floor was a German Shepard puppy! I looked at him then at mom.
    “Your father was goanna give you him when you got home.”
    I bent down and called him to me, “Here boy.” He came right to me like he had know me all his life. “I think I’ll name him Emmett.” He was the most precious thing of my possession.
    Anyways, I went to school, went through all of my classes, lunch, without really talking. Of course everyone knew what was wrong, everyone knew my dad, and he had volunteered for everything. He loved kids, at heart he still was a kid.
    At 6:30 I started to get ready for the party, my costume was a princess, and right before I was about to get my dress on Emmett gets out.
    “Kat! Emmett got out again!” Mom yelled.
    “Ka! I’ll get him! Where’d he go this time!?!” I yelled back. As I walked down the stairs.
    “Mrs. Irwin said he went to Old Whaley House.” She said as I entered the kitchen.
    “Cool. He’s not that far away. I go get him right now. I’ll be right back.”
    “Hurry up. You still have to put on your dress.”
    “Ka!” I yelled as I ran out the front door. I ran all the way down to Whaley house. I checked the front yard, then the back. He must have gotten into the house somehow. I thought to myself.
    I went to the back door and turned the knob, it opened. Even through the sun was still up it was pretty dark inside. I took a step in and put a little weight on the floor broads, they seemed to hold my weight. So I took a few steps in, I heard a sound CRACK the boards had broke.
    My foot broke right through the brittle wooden floor. I fell right down to the basement, and was knocked out. I’m not sure how long I was out for, but I think it might have been an hour or so.
    I woke to a scratching sound like someone trying to get out of something or worse something trying to get in. I did notice that it was pitch black, so I reached out my arm to try and touch the wood that had fallen with me, it was then I felt the throbbing pain in my arm. It was broke. So I tried my other arm, I touched smooth wood. I was in a box, no it wasn’t a box I was laying on my back, it was a coffin. I closed my eyes was I dead! I heard voices, muffled, but they were still there. “Hello! Is someone out there?!?”
    I listened again and this time I heard words like “… awake…” and “…bones…” I was scared that it was so kind of monster, but wait there was no such thing as monsters. I didn’t believe the rumors, there was no such thing as monsters, right?
    I tried again, “Hello! Please let me out! I hate the dark!” I’ve hated the dark ever since the accident. I heard a sound like a lock being undone. The lid opened.
    I blinked at the sudden light. There was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. His eyes were a golden brown, his hair as black as a raven’s feather, and his skin was bronze like he had been in the sun all day every day. He looked like he was maybe seventeen or eighteen.
    “Hi!” he said with a gorgeous smile on his face. “My name is Daniel, what’s your name?”
    “Um, my name is Katherine; you can call me Kat for short if you want.”
    “Katherine is a pretty name.” Daniel told me.
    “Uh, thanks.” I replied, bright red in the face.
    “Are you hurt anywhere?” Daniel asked me as he helped me out of the coffin I had been in.
    “Yeah, I think my arm is broke. It hurts real bad.” I winced as I remembered the pain in my arm. “Um… why was I in a coffin?”
    He ignored my question and looked at someone in a black cape by the coffin, who went in search of something. It came back and gave Daniel a bag of some kind. He opened it. It was a doctor’s bag!
    “Where did you get all of that?” I asked, “It looks really ancient.”
    “It’s a family heir loom. It was my fathers before he died.”
    “Oh, my dad died a month ago.” I said sadly.
    “Sorry about your dad.”
    After that we didn’t talk, so I let him see to my arm. While he was tending to my arm, I explored the room with my eyes. It looked like something out of an old movie about a castle, you know with sort of like what the king’s bedroom would look like.
    “There it should be fine now” I jumped when I heard his voice, he chuckled at me and I blushed bright red again.
    “Thanks. So what did you do to it? I mean there’s no splint or pain.” I asked confused.
    “Sorry, I can’t tell you. By the way how old are you?” He asked.
    The question had caught me by surprise, “Fifteen, why?”
    “No reason.”
    “How do I get out of here?” I asked, I had just remembered about my Halloween party at 7:30. “Oh what time is it. And have you seen a little German Shepard puppy around here. Cause see that’s why I came in to Whaley house.”
    “No I haven’t seen any puppies around here, but I’ll show you the way out, but in return you have to give me something I want.”
    “What do you want?” I asked, not seeing what he could want that I had.
    “HO simply some of your blood.”
    “Some of my what!?!”
    “I hate repeating myself. Some…of…your…blood.” He said again slowly.
    “WH…why would you www…want some of my bbbb…blood?” I asked scared out of my mind.
    “Because silly girl, I’m a vampire of course.” He said it as if it were no big deal. “See I haven’t had any blood for awhile, so I’m pretty hungry.”
    “I don’t know. This is all too weird. OK. I’ll give you some as soon as you get me to the top floor, and don’t try anything on the way up. So do we have a deal?”
    “We indeed have a deal.” He said with a smile on his face.
    So Daniel led me up to the top floor I didn’t say a thing, but just fallowed him.
    “OK, so here’s where you let me drink some of your blood.”
    I gulped, and then nodded. Daniel took my right hand put it to his face palm up and bit. My hand exploded in pain, it felt like it was on fire. Daniel sucked my blood so fast that I had no idea that he was done.
    But, before I knew what was happening he had cut his palm and put it against mine. When he did that I almost blacked out, but he caught me and held me in his arms.
    “What did you do?” I asked weakly.
    “I made you my queen of the night.” He told me softly in my ear like a lover whispering a secret in your ear, instead of being told that you were now a vampire.
    “What!” I started to cry, I didn’t want to be a vampire, I wanted to be with my mom and my friends and my puppy. My puppy was the reason I was in this mess and yet I still loved him with all my heart.
    “Now, come. We must go get your things and change your mother’s memories so that she will think that you have disappeared. They will find no body, and no trace of you. Now come, we really must hurry.”
    Daniel wiped the tears from my eyes, kissed my check gently, and helped me to my feet. From there we went outside and there sitting in the grass was Emmett. I picked the silly puppy up and carried him to my house or what use to be my home.
    Daniel picked me up in his arms and jumped to my window. From there he told me to go silently tell my mom good bye. I went into my mom’s room. There she was she had fallen asleep reading again. I kissed her on the check, tires sliding down my face the whole time. Daniel came in.
    “Come we must hurry and pack, your things.”
    I left my mom’s room tears sliding down my face the whole time.
    I started to pack all of my clothes and a few of my treasures. Daniel came in.
    “We could take anything you want; I will make trips for all of your stuff. If that will make you happy.”
    “I would like that.” I told him as calmly as I could. “Could we please keep Emmett too?”
    “Yes, if that will make you happy.” He told me. When I looked at him there was a fire burning in his eyes, I knew it was the fire of love, I had seen it so many times in my fathers eyes when he had looked at my mom.
    And so with my puppy in my arms, and my vampire boy at my side. I left my room for the last time, for now I was a creature of the night.