• Chapter one: (( begining))
    One warm summer afternoon, Violet, a girl of great height and immense beauty was lying down in the refuge of a large oak tree, sitting in the shade, hiding from the sun.
    Violet wasn’t an ordinary child, starting off with the fact that she was very tall and thin.
    She was turning fourteen and was already five foot nine and a half. She had long, straight, black hair, and her bangs somewhat covered her icy blue eyes. Her lips were naturally a blood red color, her skin was pale like snow with its’ own natural blush of light pink around her cheeks. Her lashes were full, thick and black, making its’ own type of eyeliner that made the unusually bright blueness of her eyes pop out. Her teeth were perfect. White, straight, and bright. She didn’t have a single blemish on her face. She was gorgeous and looked perfect, like a porcelain doll. Her only problem was her indifference to everything. Boys fell like dominoes, one after another trying to get her, but she didn’t care one bit. She was always like this since she was a kid. She was an orphan, and her heart was broken because she felt unloved and unwanted. That was the cause of her
    apathy and lack of cooperation. The girl was “model material” but everything she saw was in black and white. She wasn’t color blind, she just didn’t see anything special in anything, she didn’t have any interests in life or the things around her. She was a blank piece of pretty note paper. No thoughts on anything other than sorrow and grief that restrains her from seeing color and having interests. Just another pretty face, fragile and easily breakable.

    She was sitting under the tree reading “The Adventures of Moon and Star” by J.J Lowingstein, she was so absorbed in her reading that she didn’t even notice her onlookers. A young boy named Paris who was hiding behind another oak tree, watching the girl read with longing and amazement in his sparkling green eyes. He was already fourteen and had only recently spotted Violet at school for the first time. He felt like he was struck by lightening when he saw her. He was amazed at how she looked so perfect and divine without doing much to preserve it, or caring much about it. He knew from the start that there was something different about that girl, something about her, waiting to be discovered. Paris wasn’t a stupid child. He was a smart and talented kid, but he always had trouble getting along with others since he was shy. But there was another man that saw, that she was beautiful. He was watching her intently from a window on the second floor, he too was tall, but he was fit and strong, also a lot older. He was a new teacher at the school, Mr. Alex Demagio...
    ((to be continued)) - i have more written down but the teacher should be sent to jail for what he does, and it might be a little too much to write here))