• Falling angels chapter 2: New girl at school

    "Late again, Mr. Ezuna?" Mr. Ray asked as Saku entered the classroom. Everyone was sitting at their desks staring at Saku. The blue-eyed teen had been late many times before, often getting lost in daydreams on his way to school.

    Saku thought, I was only 10 minutes late! Maybe if school was later, I'd be on time. The door opened again. This time, Melody entered, wearing the same blue dress she had eariler. Melody!

    Melody smiled shyly. "Hi everyone. My name is Melody Ino. Mr. Ray, sorry I'm late."

    Mr. Ray smiled warmly, "It's ok. I understand." Turning to the class, he said, "Class, Melody will be joining our class. Please treat her kindly."

    Melody took a seat next to Saku. "Hey, Saku."

    "Hi, Melody. Let's talk later." Saku whispered. He didn't feel like getting in trouble a second time today.

    Melody nodded. Looking out the window, Saku daydreamed of Melody in different dresses. He most loved how he pictured her in white!

    Later, the two of them sat on the grass outside for recess. Sakuunpacked his lunch. Melody looked down embarrassment as her stomach growled. She hadn't packed a lunch. "Hungry?" Saku blue eyes twinkled.

    "I didn't pack a lunch.." Melody told him.

    Saku smiled, "Never fear, Saku's here!" He spilt his sandwich and Hershey bar in two. Melody accepted the food gratefully and ate quickly. "Tell me more about yourself."

    "I'm 15 and my parents are in heaven, waiting for me to bring Zorick back."

    Saku asked, "How did you become an angel?"

    "My parents were in a war. We all were shot." Melody said.

    "Sorry to hear that." Saku replied. "Well, at least I got to meet you."

    Melody brightened. "I'm glad I met you too."

    "Who is this Zorick guy?"

    Melody looked down again. "He's a rogue angel that is the worst person I've ever met." The brown-haired girl unbuttoned her dress a little, revealing two white wings.

    "Whoa!" Saku exclaimed. A group of girls walked up to them before Melody had a chance to hide her wings.

    "What a freak!" The leader of the group, Samantha, said. Her group agreed.

    Saku stood up. "Go away, you makeup-wearing wicked witch of the West!" He smiled.

    Samantha spun on her heels and walked away, her gang following like puppies.

    "Thanks Saku, but won't that girl be mad at you?" Melody re-buttoned her dress.

    Saku laughed, "Oh her? Don't worry about it. I love annoying."

    "Oh, ok." Melody giggled.

    "And she, hands down, is the worst person I've ever met. Samantha can't stand me."

    Melody laughed, "Saku, you truly are a great friend."


    Author's note: Samantha is a character based off of a girl named Samantha who I love to annoy. I call her the Spazz Queen. Well please lave a comment and tips are always appreciated!