• I was heading towards the training hall when Sida stuck her head out of a room and said, “Kyhron can you go to the Nightside for me?”

    I stopped and answered, “Sure, I could. What do you need me to do?”

    “Nothing really… there’s just a problem brewing there and Lucas, Tegan, and Alexander need some assistance. They asked if you could go and help them train some soldiers.”

    “So Lucas and Tegan can’t train them? Come on they know what they are doing.”

    “They could do that, but then you wouldn’t get to meet your sister’s grandchild.”

    “Wait, one of Cassandra’s grandkids is a Vampire? Does he have our family’s sand powers?”

    “Yes, she is a Vampire, actually a progeny of your good friend Zane. So she’s pretty well off. That and yes to the sand powers, though not as strong as yours are.”

    “Alright I’m going now. Is the portal to the Nightside open? That and I’m taking James with me as my right hand man and arms bearer.”
    “The portal’s open when you want to go. Have fun and don’t scare the newbies shitless on their first day.”

    Nodding I took off and gathered my stuff. The weighted dark purple bandages I use went on my arms and lower legs. As I did that I contacted James and told him to meet me by the gate to the Nightside. When I finished I grabbed a container of sand along with my swords Darkbringer, Silverlight, and Sumatra. Darkbringer was a gift from Sida a while back while celebrating the founding of the Cave. It glowed a dark purple aura and stole the soul of anything it hit. Silverlight was another gift from Sida. This time during a tournament held in the Cave. It was a titanium/silver mix that was deadly to werewolves. My last sword was a gift from Sida’s sire Lady Brujah. She gave it to me after I trained with her and helped her make the sword.
    I arrived after James did and I threw him Darkbringer and Silverlight. He took them with a knowing nod. We walked through the gate and emerged in the basement of the mansion we owned in the Nightside. The guards were old hands at their duty. After saluting us they returned to their card game without a second thought. We headed for the training room after looking for the others in the basement.
    As we approached the training room I heard Tegan’s voice at a yell. “Come on you weaklings! My training is nothing compared to what you’ll do when your real trainer gets here.”

    I started laughing and kicked in the door. Tegan turned and screamed, “Kyhron!” as she ran to me and hugged me.

    I chuckled as I saw Tegan’s training method. It was an old method I used. “Well, well Tegs it seems you have been keeping up with your training.”

    She let go of me and swayed her tail, “Yea I have. Well I see you brought James with you instead of Zane. Here are the fifty weaklings that you need to train.”

    I nodded and turned my attention to them. “Alright I’m Kyhron. You will call me Sir or Lord or Kyhron. That is all you will call me. All other names I am called like Kyh, Lunar Sand, or anything else are off limits unless you like punishment.”

    There was uproar from several in the crowd. I shook my head and said, “Such insolence from such weaklings. Usually I don’t like to prove myself, but I feel like it.”

    I turned to James and handed him Sumatra. I took off my bandages and handed them to Tegan. She grinned and said, “These things are as heavy as ever.”

    There was a collective gasp as the newbies saw the runes on my arms. Opening my container of sand I dumped it to the floor. Raising the sand up, I made it the shape of wings on my shoulders. I said, “You guys ready?”

    They charged and attacked all at once. James and Tegan jumped backwards out of the way. Before I could get hit I surrounded myself in sand and blocked the attacks. Ducking down I swung my leg around and knocked a dozen newbies to the ground. When I finished my sweep I jumped up and out of the way of an incoming attack with blinding speed. A dozen or so newbies tried to follow me into the air, but were immediately beat down.

    Landing, I counted twenty recruits still standing. Raising my hand I mentally threw half of them into walls knocking them out. Six of the remaining ten tried charging me, but were taken out at a distance with my sand. Two of the remaining four transformed into Vicissitude Zulo forms, nasty looking combat forms that Clan Tzimisce used in battle. The other two grew Protean Claws.

    I created spiked gauntlets out of sand and charged. The two with Protean claws were no match for my gauntlets and fell quickly. The two Tzimisce charged me as soon as the Protean users fell. One Tzimisce was male and the other was female. The male went straight for me while the female hung back. He swung his great sword at me as I side stepped. Grabbing the sword I ripped it out of his hands and ran him through with it.

    The female pulled out her long sword; it was covered in the black ichor of an Assamite’s Caress of Baal, and charged. She swung at my head and sliced a few strands of hair as I ducked down to avoid the blow. Creating a long sword out of sand I slashed out at her ankles and was stopped by a shield of sand. Knowing this was my sister’s grandchild I stood up and took a fighting stance. Fending off a quartet of hits I could tell that this female was Zane’s childe and therefore an Assamite. Blocking another set of attacks I searched for an opening in her attack pattern. Not finding one I circled around and continued to block until I found my chance and took it. Punishing her for a simple opening I finished the fight with a simple knock down attack.

    Disengaging my sword and wings I turned to James and Tegan who were casually talking. “Hey you two, can you shut up and help me put these morons in the blood pool?”

    They helped me and then we headed upstairs. Reaching the main floor I saw Lucas and Alexander talking. Before I could even say hello Alexander walked away slamming his shoulder into mine. Turning to Lucas I said, “He still pissed at me about the Kamon and Szou thing?”

    Lucas nodded. “I’ m afraid so old friend. It’s a shame that up until you told Szou that you had no interest in her and well you and Kamon…”

    “Yes we all know what the Tome of Princes says about what happened.” I butted in. “But that’s not the point. The point right now is to train the newbies for whatever you need them for. Am I safe to assume that there still is no sign of Kamon and Szou?”

    “We need you to train the newbies to act as security and bodyguards for something we are hosting. As for Kamon and Szou there hasn’t been a sign of them. One of my contacts thinks they may be in Romania, more specifically Transylvania, but that’s just a rumor. There seems to be a powerful Vampire that has moved into Dracula Castle.”

    I clenched my fists. Feeling my nails digging into my palms I said, “Well if he is he better be enjoying the time he has free before I start tracking him. If he is at Dracula Castle he has some serious ball after all he’s done. Going against us in the war here, almost killing Esquil, Zane, Sida, and the others, and stealing my Book of Brujah that Sida gave me. I have every right to want to kill him; even more so since he is my cousin.”

    “Wow Kyh you really are ticked at him. Then again you are a Brujah, maybe a bit unorthodox, but a Brujah all the same. I suggest not going after him yet. Wait until you are sure where he is then strike as hard and fast as you can. From what Sida has told me you’ve been training and could take anyone without much effort. I can’t stop you from going, but I ask you to at least stay and train the newbies before going.”

    I unclenched my fists and healed the wounds on my palm. “How about this; I start the training then Tegan and you can continue it. While that’s going on I’ll go to Romania with James, Zane and my sister’s grandchild. If Kamon is at Dracula Castle I’ll storm it and kill him. If he isn’t there I’ll come back and bide my time until he shows up.”

    Four Months Later

    I landed on a tree branch as silently and softly as a shadow. “This is Elemental, I’m in position. Check in from the top.” I said into the mouthpiece at my mouth.

    “Air here; patrol circling around now.” James answered.

    “Sand in; moving into position now.” Answered Ariana, my sister’s grandchild.

    “Water here; I’m in and the fish is in the barrel.” Said Zane.

    I breathed a sigh of relief. We had found out a few months ago that it was Kamon that was living in Dracula Castle. He had been leaving the Castle for weeks at a time to go somewhere. Since he was there the time we spent planning this attack wasn’t pointless like the last three had been. I started thinking about all I had been through with Kamon and Szou. Before I could change my mind I reminded myself of what they had done.

    My thoughts were interrupted by Ariana. “Sand in position; the Covenant is in the Ark.” She said referencing the Bible.

    “Open the horse then.” I said referring to the Iliad. “Water, air get ready its party time.” Grinning I dropped to the forest floor and ran towards the front gate of the castle. As I got close the bomb Ariana had planted exploded destroying the gate. Jumping clear over the wreckage I unsheathed Silverlight and its blade glinted in the moonlight. The quick response teams had shown up and opened fire on me. Blocking some of the shots I landed in their midst and spun around with my sword out. The squad went down in short order as Ariana, Zane, and James joined me.

    We ran into the castle and split up. James headed for the library to find my Book of Brujah. Ariana headed for the mess hall to distract the enemy; Zane headed for the dungeons to gather my allies and to distract the enemy while I headed straight for the main hall where Kamon had to be.

    Skidding to a halt in front of the main hall’s doors I kicked them open. The doors flew off their hinges and down the hall. (My bad just a bit stronger than was necessary.) Kamon and Szou looked shell shocked at the sight of me framed in the door. Szou recovered first, grabbed her scythe and charged at me. I created an imprisonment barrier around her with a flick of my wrist. She ran into the barrier and screamed in pain as electricity tore through her body.

    Kamon spoke. “Alright Kyhron, why is your pathetic a** here? It’s very rude to enter a vampire’s haven like you have.”

    I sneered, “I’m more powerful than you cousin. This is the final battle of the Nightside war. This will be a fight to the death.”

    Kamon responded with, “Bring it.”