• Have you ever wondered what a sunset looks like?
    I mean from a birds point of view?
    That was my mission.
    My failed mission, the one that landed me… here!

    I am a tenth grader at Dr. Johnsons Academy for Troubled Girls. Dr. Johnson is fake, and for some reason Dr. Dr. Robert Smith M.S. M.D., wants to cover that up. It’s been a long time since I was on a missio-…never mind! Anyway, I want to now why-NO! No I don’t! “Why can’t I stop thinking about- Janie… stop, you need to stop thinking about it!” My calm self from earlier was slipping away, I was talking to myself, never a good sign… especially for me.
    “Janie Arcoff!” A high pitched girly voice came from behind me “OMG! I haven’t seen you since I got caught for dating Rick in AR-” I slammed my hand over her mouth
    “Never say anything about it! Remember! It’s the first thing they say…Even you, Charlotte, should know that!” I grabbed her collar and being a good couple inches taller then her, I picked her off the floor and glared at her. “Never, tell anyone” I said through my clenched teeth.
    “Umm…Janie that was ages ago, I’m not in there anymore, I can say anything I want” Man was she obnoxious all happy, girly, especially since she was off the floor.
    “Oh that’s right, you were never initiated. And you know it wasn’t dating Rick that kicked you out, it was what you were doing with him”
    “What?” That’s weird she was actually confused, like she didn’t realize she had been spilling information from the beginning. “Janie, I don’t know what you’re talking about, all I did was kiss him” I dropped her, she crumpled to the floor, she’s such an idiot.
    “Just shut up about it, even if you don’t pay attention to the rules, I do, and I will kill you if you say anything” This threat, even at a “troubled” school never means anything, but she saw my angry eyes and she knew me enough to know that this was full heartedly true. “Got it Charlotte, now get back to class” I hated having to say that, but she had to go back. I walked farther down the hall, and then turned back. She still hadn’t moved. “Use this chance at a future, a life without one sucks. Trust me.” I turned back around and then as a last threat I said walking away “I still have my license, remember that” I turned a corner, and sat on the stairs that were there. Barely into this stupid school and I had already threatened someone, and angered someone on the staff. This was a bad start to my last years.