• Chain Mail

    Erika looked at the e-mail she had just recieved.It looked like a chain letter.She shook her head tiredly and read it.It said:
    My name is Alice.I am a 7 year old girl with blood red eyes and dirty blond hair.I was stangled to death.If you don't send this to 12 people by midnight,I will be above your bed.I will kill you the same way I was.
    Erika laughed quietly as she deleted it."Stupid spam."she wispered.She stood up and looked at the clock.It was 11:30.She thought,"I'll wait another half hour before bed."Suddenly she heard the stairs creak a bit.She passed it off as the old house expanding.Soon after,she decided she was tired.After she changed,she fell onto the bed and looked at the ceiling.A girl with blood red eyes was staring at her.She tried to scream but no sound came out.
    "I see you didn't listen to my mail."she whispered raspily."N-no."Erika studdered."You should have.Now you will have the same fate as me."She said.Her voice sent shivers down Erika's spine.A look of pure terror appeared on her face as Alice grabbed a pair of Erika's pantyhose.Alice fell gently on the bed.
    She smiled wickedly.She wrapped the pantyhose around Erika's neck.Alice tied it into a knot and pulled.It took a few pulls,but soon Lily's eyes were lifeless and glassy.Alice removed the pantyhose from Erika's neck.
    Alice will always send these messages to people.If you read them and don't do what they say,she WILL find you.You can change your name,you can run away,but all will be futile because she will catch you.

    The End.

    Author's Note:
    I thought this up when I was sent a chain.I thought this story sounded and looked pretty good.I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing.This is my first try at writing horror.PLEASE COMMENT!