• To save many, you must kill one. To kill one, you must have many. The assassins of many years past have come back. After a clear disappearance, the world fell into that of violence. A violence no one seems to understand whether involved or not. Gangs, feuds, war. All the cause and effect of living in fear.

    The assassins' of the Kaint understood these, and thus tried to take down fear causers. Whether they be smaller, easier targets. Or those that may take life of some of the assassin's.

    So what have the Kaint assassins been doing for over 300 years. Simple, they were waiting. Waiting for the world to step into a true darkness. When this darkness emerged, they would as well.

    The darkness has arrived.
    And the Kaint have kept to this. Now, they raise.


    August 23, 2008. 5.36.67 P.M Time square, New York.

    "Avi!" A tall blonde man called after the brown haired female.
    She turned around her, green jade eyes meeting that of a lighter blue. "Yes, James?"
    James had stopped in front of the beautiful female. They had known each other for many years, many long years that involved their training. "What do you think the meeting is about? Usually they don't. . .well. . . send out stuff like this," James said kicking at the floor a bit as he looked away.

    "I think it has to do with the darkness," Avellena whispered while coming on to her tippy toes for a closer range of James, "Father was talking of it." James slightly gasped.
    "But I thought no one knew for sure what the darkness was, or meant," James whispered back. Avellena giggled darkly, "If no one knew then how are we suppose to fight it?"

    "Good Point," James said in a flat tone.
    "I always have good points," Avellena teased smiling.
    "You're. . . perky," James said making a face of confusedness.
    "Don't tell me your nervous, Hmm?" Avellena teased, then giggled.
    "Hell, yeah I am! I mean, I never actually thought it would happen in my live time. I never, you know, was in an unsafe condition," James shrugged.
    "You knew this would happen," Avellena pointed out, "Besides, I'm with you. Nothing bad will happen if we work together! And if something does happen it was for the greater good!"
    James smiled weakly back, "You're right. Nothing to fear."
    "Not even death," Avellena added, looking deep into his blue eyes.