• Three teens were walking down a deep dark forest path after all the other campers had gone to sleep. Their names where Tammy, Kyle, and Rick. They walked longer than they had ever done in the day time. They told each other about how the day was going badly, how they wanted to go home and exchange emails on myspace.
    "What was that!" Tammy shot, as a black figure wisped past them. Rick and Kyle had no idea. The forest was unearthly quite for the night time. This was the third time this week that they had gone on this walk, but never had it been this quite. . .or this dark. Tammy flipped her slick black hair out of her eyes.
    Kyle walked ahead of teh small group and gulped as he stopped where he stood. Rick asked what was the matter when he, too, saw what Kyle was staring at. There was a a glare of yellow eyes in the tops of the trees. "What the hell is that? Some sort of raccon?" Rick asked, but Kyle only shook his head.
    "Something much worse. . .something I should have delt with a long time ago," Kyle stated, "Sorry you had to suffer like me. But now you're in this too." Tammy and Rick stared at Kyle with great suspicion as the figure lowered it's self down. Gliding with the wind.
    The mass smiled, chuckling miniacally. The figure was a man with paler than pale skin. He cackled, "You are foolish to think you can have friends, half-breed. I will sloughter you were you stand, like I should have done many centuries ago!"