• A young boy was walking through the streats of Shugazoom city. He was looking at all the families that where gathering for new years. It was getting dark and he was hurrying back to the super robot . He called monkeys and a robot girl his family (but the girl was his girlfriend). He actually wanted the young girl Jinmay home right now so the unusual family could be complete. But she was away taking care of buisness.

    “Chiro! Why arent you ready for the New Years celebration yet?” asked the silver monkey, Antari. “Sorry Antari, I just got home.” “Well you have 10 minutes until the celebration starts.” Chiro took his time walking to his room. When he got their he got ready, not liking New Years now. He wished he could hold off the holiday until his girl was home. But he didn’t have the power to do that. Actually the monkeys secretly brought Jinmay home to surprise him.

    When it was time for the fireworks he wanted to runnaway and cry for the missing piece of his family. After the fireworks were done and everyone cheered for the year, chiro was gripped by the shoulder and turned around only to have a pair of arms wrap around his neck and and a pair of lips grasp his. When they parted, chiro said, “welcome home Jinmay.” and she replied by saying, “Happy new year Chiro”. Then the pair went back to kissing, the monkeys standing nearbye watching.