• This girl Amy and her best guy friend Zero were sitting at her house doing homework. "I am really thirsty, I am going to get a drink!" Amy said. "I will go with you." Zero said. Amy gets up and walks into the kitchen with Zero at her side. "Ya know, your friends are saying we look we are going out..." Zero said alittle nervous. Amy suddenly stops what she is doing and looks at Zero. She realizes that she really cares about him. The way he was always there for her no matter what. She realized how much she loves him. "Well, we arent...I mean you dont like me in that way do..." in midsentence Zero graps Amy and kisses her. Amy is completely overcome and stunned by him. He was holding her so tight, she thought he was going to break her! She was alittle freaked but she was happy. She didnt think she was making sense. But she suddenly had this feeling swope over her, and she wanted him to kiss her forever. She wanted him to stay by her side forever. He finally relaxed his grip and leaned away. He held her close to his chest and hugged her. "I have always loved you. I never told you because I didnt think you liked me that much." Zero said slowly. He pulled Amy away but still held her close. She looked into his deep brown eyes. She saw he was telling the truth. When he looked at her, he saw tears in her bright blue eyes. "Why are you crying?" Zero says starting to worry. As Amy realizes she is crying, she lunges forward back into his arms. "Zero... I have love you also...I never thought you loved me...I love how you are always there for me no matter what. I..love you..." Amy says through tears. Zero is stunned, but he looks down at her and smiles. He embraces her close to him, "Amy..." After they held eachother for a long time. Zero pulls her away and looks into her eyes. As they both stare at eachother, they lean closer. Her eyes close and so do his. Until finally their lips touch. Their lips lock and they kiss. He holds her tighter and more tears fall down her face. They lean away and hold eachother again. Zero finally breaks the silence by making on oath, "I will always love you and protect you Amy. I love you." " I love you too Zero." Amy says.
    And from that day on, Amy and Zero were together.