• ((warning this does have romance . . .))

    The full moon shone over the water, the reflection like a thousand stars. I stared up at the moon, laying on my back in the clearing besides the river. My ebony black hair was spread around the slight wind making it go into my face. I closed my eyes and let the calm wash over me. Relax. Relax. When I felt in control of my emotions agian I stood up. The moon called and I complied.

    Shifting was always painfull but by now I didn't really notice it. My wolf form had a black pelt the color of my hair and my eyes were the same gold as my human form. I spun around at the sound of a branch snapping, a growl ripping out of my throught. I smelt hesitation in the air before someone stepped out of the cover of the forests shadows, and into the pale white moonlight. Vampire. My mind supplied the word as soon as I smelt him. My first instict was too attack, that is what my family had always said I must do, vampires were our enemies. But I couldn't attack, his smell was intoxicating, but in a good way. He smelt good, even though I know it should be the opposite. I took a hesitant pace towards him, his brown hair stuck up in untamable locks and his onyx eyes studied me with something like relief. And when he spoke, it was like velvet roling off of my skin.
    "I am sorry if I have surprised you, Aria. Please?" He spoke the last part in a strained voice as he took a step toward me. I didn't know why but I shifted, and stepped forward into his cold embrace. His lips skimmed my neck and I could feel his fangs hesitation on my skin.
    "It's ok, you can." I murmered, I knew he was thirsty though he was fighting agianst it. The connection I suddenly felt was unimaginable, unbelievable. And as his fangs broke the skin and sucked my blood hungrily it didn't hurt. A sudded need spread through my body like wild fire and I locked my hand around his neck. When his thirst was saturated he looked up and I crashed my lips to his. I didn't know what this sudden need was but I knew he felt it too.
    I could feel it as he attacked my mouth with his own, slid his tongue into it.
    "Aria!" Came a booming voice, deadly, cold, and angry. I broke away from Keron, for some reason all different things about him were filling my mind, but not enough to distract me from the fact that the voice was my fathers, a vampire who hated werewolves.

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