• Chapter 7 Death’s Affect
    When Amy woke up she was alone in the camp. “Now, where did they get off to?” she asked while getting up. In the distance she heard a wolf’s howl. “A wolf around here? No that has to be Arc.” She quickly brushed her self off and headed towards the noise. What has he done now she thought to her self. As she ran towards the noise she noticed it was their old camp. Arc was leaning against a tree and bleeding from several wounds across his body. “Arc! Are you all right?!” Arc tried to stand up “I… I beat Z… Zeta.” As he tried to walk towards Amy he collapsed to his hands and knees.

    As Steven arrived back at the camp with fish he noticed no one was there “Oh, that’s nice. I get dinner and breakfast and their not here.” He said irritated as he set the fish down. “I guess I’ll start the fire. They owe me big time for this.” He started the fire by rubbing two sticks together extremely fast. The fire sparked its way into a raging flame. “Ok let’s start cooking these fish… hmm…” Steven opened the book that Amy had. “Just as I thought. When a Twilight dies that animal does so die until the Twilights are restored. Judging by the dead snake beside me some one must have killed Zeta.”

    Amy was helping Arc up “You beat Zeta? Are you sure? I guess these questions can wait though.” She started to carry him back to camp “I… I can walk.” Arc managed to get out. Amy looked at him angrily “You can barely talk! How do you expect to walk?” Arc tried to pull away, but Amy picked him up and ran back to camp. She arrived to see Steven cooking breakfast. Steven looked up “Oh, so that’s where you’ve been. Let me guess Zeta’s dead?” Amy looked at him confused “Yeah how’d you know?” Steven pointed towards the book “When ever a Twilight dies the animal dies too.” He pointed at the dead snake. Amy looked at the snake and back to him “So you mean when ever a Twilight is killed all of that Twilight’s animals die?!” Steven nodded slowly.

    She put Arc down “So… does that… mean I just… killed all the snakes?” He said while trying to sit up. Amy looked at Arc “Steven do we have any bandages or anything that would work for that?” Steven shook his head “Nope, but I suggest we try to clean those wounds. We need to take him to the lake. Every time I come back something’s happened to him.” Him and Amy picked up Arc. Arc was trying to stand by himself “I… can walk…” Steven knocked him out. Amy glared at him “What’d you do that for?” Steven picked him up “If he’s trying to move he’ll lose blood faster. He needs to be still.” Amy nodded “All right, but what are we going to do about the other Death Twilights if the animals die?” Steven shook his head “I’m not sure.”