• I am the devil in the mortal world, to the human eye I appear normal, but to those who don’t belong on this earth see me for who I am. No matter how normal I may appear, the humans still avoid me. They never even look at me. It is probably wise that they do so, for should I ever make eye contact with a mortal, they are doomed for all eternity. Every full moon I watch the angels as they descend from heaven. I wish to be like them so pure and clean, but here I hide in a tree like a shadow. I’ve wanted to talk to them, to ask what god is like. But I wouldn’t do that. I knew I couldn’t kill them but I was afraid of what would happen would they run away and not answer me or would they kill me for what I am. I knew I should be dead, that I shouldn’t exist but there was a part of me missing and I wanted to find it before I died, after that then I may die. I decided it was time to let the angels be. I jumped out of the tree and walked away. As I looked to the sky I saw something so pure and clean fly past and land in front of me. It was an angel; I guess I wasn’t going to live after all. “Who are you” asked the angel. “I am but a mere mortal.”
    “Do not lie, you are the devil. What are you doing here” “I do not know, please angel, tell me your name.” “Why?” "So I may know the name of the angel who killed me.” “You do not have to worry, I will not kill you but I will tell you my name. It is Gabriel” the angel of death… I knew of him. “Please excuse me angel, you must return to heaven soon and I do not want to be in your way.” I heard the angels begin to call for him. I turned to see Vix, the angel of love behind me. She screamed, Gabriel flew to stop her but it was too late for the other angels have already appeared. “What are you doing Gabriel” said shadow the angel of power “kill her” “no” he said. I was surprised. Nobody disobeys an order from the angel of power. “What” Vix yelled “I will not kill her, she has done nothing wrong” “she is the devil, by her existing is enough, now kill her” “I will not” “then I will” I did not move as Vix threw the spear, I was prepared to die. But as the spear got closer and closer I began to shake. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to come but it never came. I opened them to see Gabriel in front of me. He saved my life, the life of a devil. “Let her be Gabe it is time to go.” “I am not going; I will spend the rest of my life here on earth with her.” “God will be angry with you” “let him be angry with me, for this girl is no devil” I began to walk away as the angels ascended. I did not expect Gabriel to really stay but there he was protecting me again and again. From the spears the angels threw. I could not understand why he would protect me. I turned to look at him and saw that his wings were being tainted. They were no longer a pure white but a pitch black. They were losing their shine. I told him to return to heaven while he still had the chance but he refused to listen. I asked why. His answer was simple “because I love you” “why do you love me? I am the devil” “you are no devil for the devil does not cry, but I have seen you cry” I had to turn and walk away. It is true that I have cried but no one should have seen that. He did not let me walk away but instead braced me with both his wings and his arms. “I know you wish to be like me, an angel who lives with god, but it is not that good. God is an evil man, for look what he has done to you” I could not understand what he meant I was born like this. “You were once an angel like me when you were young. You lived in heaven with your family. And everyone adored you and knew you were going to become the next angel of power. But god sent you down here as the devil and made his son the next angel of power like it should be” “the one I just saw” “yes, god even erased everyone’s memory of you ever existing up there and replaced them with ones of you being the devil.” “But why do you remember me” “I don’t know exactly but I never forgot about you. When I asked your family they said they remember having a daughter but can’t remember anything else” I could not grasp what he was saying. Was it true? Was god the devil and not me? For years I continued to wander the earth with Gabriel beside me, protecting me. If god wanted me to be the devil, then I will be. I will take all his angels from him. I never realized when or how it happened but I began to love Gabriel. He was now a fallen angel, an outcast from the others because of me. Should I be able to get the angels he will be the angel of power for he realizes what god is really like, a devil that lives in heaven.