• [Ninja love (naruto love story) by Sakura Haruno chan1
    ~Kimmie POV~ (aka point of view)
    I layed back on the deck, completely worn out from the training I had been doing all day. I stared up at the clouds, then suddenly saw Naruto's face form into the clouds.
    "You can do it!" He cheered. I smiled and sat up. I did my hand sign that I had been doing all day, and stepped onto the water, wobbling at first, but steady in a minute. I took another step into the water of the lake, my whole weight into the water now, none on the deck. I took a few more steps out into the lake and saw that I was standing in the water.
    "You did it!" Someone from behind me said loudly. I turned around slowly, making sure not to lose my balance. I saw Naruto standing there. Maybe it wasn't the clouds I saw and heard... I smiled at him.
    "Yeah! I'm so great!" I cheered.
    "I mastered it, a long time ago! I had Ero-Sennin teach me!" He gave me a thumbs up. I smiled again and looked down at my feet. A fish had been swimming around in circles around me. I bent down, wanting to squat, but I was wearing a skirt. I looked at the fish stop and look around. I grinned and splashed the water, swining my arm into the air, spinning around cheerfully.
    "I did it!" I cheered.
    "Good job! Wanna go celebrate?" Naruto asked.
    "Um... no thanks, I'll pass, I have to go take a shower, I smell like lake," I laughed. I walked up to the deck and slowly stepped onto the deck, the first step I took, I accidentally slipped because my shoes were wet, and almost fell back into the water, but Naruto grabbed my wrist, pulling me back ontot he deck.
    "Thanks," I said breathlessly. "That was a close one," I pointed out.
    "No problem," he grinned. "I gotta go now," he said running off, his smile not leaving his face.
    I made my way back to my house in drenched clothes and cleaned up.

    "Hey! Sakura! I did it!" I cheered. I ran up to Sakura sitting at the ramen bar table with Naruto, she was slumped over and Naruto was talking to her with great interest. I laughed and sat down next to her.
    "THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE!" She hugged me. I laughed. I looked behind Sakura as she hugged me. Naruto looked supprised.
    "Hey, Naruto!" I smiled. He snapped out of it.
    "Hey, what's up?" He asked casually.
    "Nothing, just wandering around, bragging about my accomplishments," I grinned.
    "OH, you did it?" Sakura asked me pulling back.
    "Yeah! I did it! I win!" I said standing up doing a silly dance.
    "You're so childish, you're never going to get guys to like you if you're going to act like a six year old," Sakura sighed.
    "What if I LIKE to act like I'm six? Six years old is the best! You don't have to do anything, yet you can do what you want! It's awsome!" I said falling down to the ground with a thud.
    "Are you okay?" Naruto got up and tried to help me up.
    "I'm fine!" I said standing up and brushing the dirt off my clothes.
    "And you just took a shower," Sakura laughed.
    "I know! Let's all go to the bath!" I cheered.
    "Yeah!" Naruto cheered with me.
    "Comming?" I asked Sakura.
    "Yeah, sure," he smiled, following me and Naruto.
    I suddenly stopped.
    "What's wrong?" Naruto asked.
    "Yeah, you just stopped," Sakura added.
    "We shouldn't be walking to the bath," I suddenly realized it.
    "What?" Sakura asked in confusion.
    "We should be racing! Beat you guys there!!" I took off running to the bath. The two called after me, running to catch up to me. I laughed.

    "Yay! This is so relaxing!" I splashed into the water and came back up. "HOT!" I sat up strait in pain.
    Everyone laughed at me.
    "HI INO!!" I called to her even if she was only five feet away from me.
    "Um... hey, what's up?" She asked.
    "Nothing! We're just bath-ing," I smiled.
    "It's bathing," Sakura corrected the way I pronounced it.
    "Bath-ing sounds better," I grinned. Naruto laughed.
    I layed back and accually took a moment to relax for a second.
    "The water is so nice," I said calmly.
    "What? She's calm for a change!" Sakura said in excitement.
    "What do you mean-" I felt myself get dizzy. I sat up and looked around, everything started to fog up. I assumed it was the steam, but it wasn't. In a matter of seconds, I was out.
    ~part 2~
    I opened my eyes, fluttering them trying to adjust to the light. I sat up, looking around. I noticed I was in a small room filled with towels. I was laying down on the ground on a towel. I had a robe on. I looked around to see if anyone was there.
    "Hello?" I called out. My voice echoed through the large towel room.
    "OH, you're awake!" A familiar voice said excitely. I looked around and saw Naruto walk out from behind a towel shelf. He wore only a towel around his waist. I blushed. I looked at what I was wearing. A robe from the bath.
    "What happened?" I asked.
    "Sakura brought you in here and got you dressed and tended to you for a minute, then I came in to keep you company until you woke up," he smiled warmly at me. I smiled back.
    "Thanks, that was nice of you," I said standing up. The robe almost slipped off of me because it was so big on me. I pulled it over me, and tied the belt tighter around my waist to make sure it was secure. I laughed.
    "You're really tiny," he said. I forgot he was there for a second because he was quiet for a change.
    "Yeah, but just cus I'm tiny doesn't mean I can't do anything! I'm strong!" I said defensively.
    "Not if you're gonna pass out from hot water," he laughed.
    "That's not fair!" I defended.
    "I'm only kidding," he laughed. Then there was a sudden moment of silence.
    "Naruto, I-"
    "Well.. Um, I-"
    We both said at the same time. I stopped at the same time he did.
    "You go first."
    "No, you can go."
    "Okay well."
    I stopped at the same time he did. Then we both broke out into laughter.
    "Naruto, I really like you," I finally blurted.
    "That's what I was going to say," he smiled at me. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.
    "Yes!" I smiled and hugged him. When I pulled back, he kissed me on the cheek. I blushed, making him laugh.